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Download iTunes Video Importer 2.518

Apple's iTunes application is the gateway that millions of people use to watch video on their Macs, iPhones, or even on their televisions (with AppleTV). However, if your video was not purchased from the iTunes Store, getting it into iTunes (and subsequently) your other devices gets really complicated. iVI (pronounced "ivy") does one thing but it does that thing brilliantly. iVI makes adding your video files (movies, TV shows & Home Video) to your iTunes library as simple as "drag and drop".


Converts video files into iTunes format

Converts .mp4 .mpg .mov files

Converts .avi .mkv .wmv .vob .3gp files

Converts video camera AVCHD and MOD files

Imports files through drag and drop

Automatically identifies files as Movies or TV Shows

Adds Artwork for Movies or TV Shows

Adds Synopsis, Actors and Genre information for Movies or TV Shows

Finds and adds season, episode number and title for TV Shows

Simultaneously creates versions suitable for Mac/AppleTV/iPad/iPhone/iPod

Combines Standard and High Definition files using iTunes

HD/SD format

Automatically scans for new video files in specified directories

Edits iTunes video metadata

Suggests TV show episode and season information when not automatically determined

Checks iTunes for duplicate files


Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Version 2.518: Features Added: DVD Import (requires VLC) - Click customize on the Toolbar to find the new DVD Import button.

Bitrate settings have been improved offering a setting for conversion at a percentage of source bitrate.

Experimental FAST mode. Can convert titles much faster if their current video format is compatible with iTunes.

New devices window helps iVI find the best settings for the devices you own.

Deinterlace video.

2 Pass Video Conversion.

Better handeling for HD, SD and HD/SD files.

Bugs Fixed: Movie information for file names with year or other data in are recognized more often.

Various bug fixes.