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Download Samples Share Hardcore Kicks VSTi 1.5

Samples Share Hardcore Kicks VSTi v1.5-ASSiGN | 8.37MB

The First VST synth exclusively dedicated to Hardcore Kicks creation! Hardcore Kicks VST is designed for load waweforms and to create with they hardcore bassdrum and hardcore kicks.

Wave Loader

The oscillators section allow to load wave files, a simple kick or a bass effect. The loaded waves are scanned and you will see the waveform on the display.

Master Envelope

Through an ADSR it's possible to modify attack, decay, sustain, release and amount of the loaded wave.


The Main distortion effect of Hardcore Kicks VST works on 3 freq. bands, with possibility to bypass each of them. This simple multi-band distortion is used to distort the interested frequencies and is complementary with the freq. splitter.



Useful tool for control the 3 bands of the distortion and resize the action area of the effects.


The Graphic waveshaper of Hardcore Kicks VST is as supreme effect for enfatise the wave frequencies. a powerful graphic distortion with 11 control points. Is the main effect for obtain powerful hardcore kicks, with this effect you can jump from a simple kick to a true French core bass drum.


Enfatise or blunt? The equalizer of Hardcore Kicks VST is precise and reliable. 4 dynamic control points with the possibility to control the resonance (Q, the curve) to obtain always the better. You can disable it and turn also on High quality Mode.


Multi filter with 7 filter algorithms and one ADSR to control filter envelope.

Preset Manager

A simple preset manger to save and load each time you want your configurations.

Tecnical specifications

* Format VST

* Wave Loader (waw 44.100hz)

* Fully Automatizabile from the sequencer

* Low CPU usage

* Compatible with all sequencer with support of VST format