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Download 024h Lucky Reminder 1.83

024h Lucky Reminder is a convinient planner/reminder program for home and office use. It is easy to create an event an get it fired at specified time.

Stop missing important events in your life! A lot of advanced options available such as reoccurent events (weekly, monthly, daily, custom time interval), sound alarms, etc.

Here are some key features of "024h Lucky Reminder": * Create, edit and delete events

* Schedule time and date for event to run

* Create one-time and recurrent (daily, weekly, monthly and custom recurrence) events

* Set accompanying sounds and comments to event

* Share events with other users of local area network using network synchronization

* Customize program interface

* Create, save and load event lists

* Test event at the time of creation

* Associate various actions with the event (show pop-up window, run external program, open specified URL, shut down computer, send message on network...)