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Download FolderSizes Professional Edition 5.0.73

Key Metric Software FolderSizes Professional Edition x86 v5.0.73

Desktop PCs and servers can quickly end up accumulating large quantities of unused, temporary, and duplicate files. Before you know it, you're out of drive space, backups are taking far too long to run, and users can't find the data they need when they need it. You need a visual, interactive software tool to help you manage disk usage. You need FolderSizes. FolderSizes is an award-winning, network-enabled disk space analysis tool. It can quickly isolate large, old, temporary, and duplicate files, or even show file distribution by type, attributes, or owner. All with multiple export formats, command-line support, shell context menu integration, and much more.

FolderSizes goes far beyond the capabilities of competing solutions by combining several tools into one: Disk Space Explorer - Awesome detail view, coupled with stunning graphical bar and pie graphs Duplicate File Report - Quickly isolate and manage duplicate files within any folder or volume Largest Files Report - FolderSizes can quickly show you which files are eating up the most space Oldest Files Report - Use your own criteria to find old files that may no longer be needed Temporary File Report - Eliminate temp file clutter left over from software installs, downloads, browsing, etc. File Owners Report - Discover which users are consuming the most space on local and network drives File Types & Attributes Reports - See the distribution of disk space by file type or attributes Drive Space Monitor - Instant, at-a-glance view of any local, mapped, or removable disk File Sizes, Names & Dates Reports...

* Powerful, Intuitive, and Incredibly Fast *

FolderSizes provides an engaging, interactive disk space analysis experience that you must try yourself to truly appreciate. More than just a series of great-looking reports, FolderSizes allows you to visualize your disk space usage from multiple perspectives.

FolderSizes has a world-wide user base of IT professionals, power users, and enterprises of all sizes - each looking to maximize their storage resources and minimize waste. It employs an amazing, multi-threaded file system scanning engine that shows you results immediately - as the scan is progressing!

Benefits & Solutions

Explore, visualize, and comprehend local and network storage

Reclaim gigabytes of drive space - fast!

Improve storage capacity planning capability

Find the disk space hogs with just a few clicks

Manage and monitor disk space across the network (Pro edition only)

Publish disk usage reports right to your web server share

Streamline file systems to optimize backups

Monitor and enforce employee data storage policies

Find excessively long file names that interfere with CD storage, etc.

Find recently saved files without knowing their names (find recently modified)

Find files owned by a specific individual or group

View the "size on disk" (actual space consumed) for any file or folder

Visualize the distribution of files by file type, age, and size

Find and eliminate empty folders

Search files by nearly any file attribute combination

Schedule the generation of nearly any FolderSizes report (Pro edition only)


Hierarchical folder map visualization (based upon treemap technology)

Integrated scheduler (Pro edition only)

Unicode file and folder name support

Interactive, dynamic, full-color bar and pie graphs

Fast, multi-threaded, network-aware file system scanning

Isolate largest, oldest, duplicate, and temporary files

View disk space utilization by file type / attributes

View local & network disk space usage by owner / group

Command line interface for scripting & integration (Pro edition only)

FilterZip regular-expression based compression system

See total & free space for fixed, removable, network drives

Export reports in HTML, XML (Pro edition only), CSV, and more

Integrates with the Windows shell context menu (32 and 64 bit support!)

Extremely configurable - colors, fonts, print options, etc.

Flexible, multi-path oriented search and file reporting systems

Strong support for viewing allocated disk space (e.g. "size on disk")

"Command Prompt from Here" in all context menus

Super-fast, in-memory database provides stunning performance

Support for direct entry of UNC network paths in all reports

Optional symbolic link skipping

Version 5.0.73 (Released January 20, 2011)

* Feature: Added a help link to the file system event log display window to assist users in interpreting common events.

* Feature: Added an option indicating whether or not the folder browser panel should rebuild itself in response to storage device change notifications broadcast by the Windows operating system.

* Feature: Added experimental support for low-priority I/O on Windows Vista and later. This option can be enabled on the Advanced pane of the Options window, and causes disk I/O generated by file system analysis and search threads to be scheduled at a low priority. This helps to reduce I/O contention at the expense of performance.

* Feature: Added several new how-to topics to the FolderSizes help file.

* Feature: Added the ability to Run a scheduled task directly from the Task Scheduler window.

* Bug fix: Resolved issues with scan filtering that could produce unintuitive results for top-level file system objects in specific circumstances.

* Bug fix: Sorting on the file types detail view file report was not being retained between analyses.

* Bug fix: Resolved memory leak in largest / oldest file reports, occurring only in specific circumstances involving sequential scans.

* Bug fix: Resolved potential delay in closing FolderSizes main window during a file system analysis.

* Bug fix: Resolved linebreak format defect in HTML report exports.