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Download Serif MoviPlus X5. SoftLab

MoviePlus X5 is a powerful solution for digital video editing with easy-to-use tools and stunning studio-quality effects. Make professional movies, and record the result on DVD or Blu-ray discs, or load in the network, for what would share with friends, family or the world.

Serif MoviePlus is non-linear editing system created by Serif, which allows both professional and home users to edit digital video and digital images. The current version of the X5 adds many new features, including editing and creating files, Quicktime, MPEG-4 and High Definition HDV. The program can be used to edit materials to consumer digital cameras, miniDV, DV or HDV professional cameras. The result can be recorded on cassette MiniDV, converted into a format suitable for playback on PC or format suitable for uploading to the web-site, or burned to DVD, etc.


* Import and edit movies

* More than 200 stunning effects and transitions

* The noise and camera shake

* Export video to IPod, IPAD, PSP, or to optimize the video for YouTube

* Burn Blu-Ray discs or HD video on DVD

* Improved user interface

Record Blu-ray Discs

Create your own discs Blu-Ray, right from MoviePlus, for what would preserve your memories in high definition.

Export of AVCHD

Video recording with AVCHD X5 MoviePlus on DVD - without having to buy expensive disks to create HD movies.

High Definition Video

Working with HD video is now faster than ever with enhanced Smart MoviePlus engine

High-level menu

Add animated menus, chapters, etc. - as a commercial DVD. User-friendly wizard helps you get professional results.

Reduce the "video noise"

Improve the "grainy" video, shot in low light conditions and on portable devices.

Image Stabilization

Reduce unwanted camera movements.

Multi-Trim dialogue

Perfect for quick removal of scenes

Custom Labels

Set your own keyboard shortcuts for common actions to accelerate workflow.

System requirements: Computer: Windows-based PC with a DVD-drive and mouse

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Vista, or Windows 7

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard disk space: 1.47GB *

Monitor: 1024 x 768 (1280x1024)

Network: The account and Internet connection (for the Auto Update and Export to YouTube)

* When you export a project requires additional space on your hard drive.

For use with non-HD video and HD video (proxy support): Intel Pentium 4 Hyper-Threaded processor or AMD Athlon XP processor

For use with HD video (optional proxy support): Intel Pentium 4 Hyper-Threaded processor or other Dual-core processor

Fast hard drive (7200 rpm)

For use with Full HD video (native AVCHD 1080): Quad-core processor


Support for input devices: Support FireWire (IEEE1394) to connect tape-based camcorders

Support Click USB for file-based camcorders

Video capture card for digitizing and editing analogue video

Support output devices: (for creating discs)

CD-R Writer (for VCD)


Blu-ray Disc Writer

Extras: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (for HDV video capture)

Releases released: 2011

Title: Serif MoviPlus X5

Developer: Serif

OS: Windows * ALL

Language: English

Medicine: Serial