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About the program: Alive Organizer

- is a powerful system allows you to manage your personal information, schedule tasks, maintain your address book, write and publish your blog on the Internet, and much and much more.

Information about the software

Title: Alive Organizer

Category: Software

Developer: www.poikosoft.com

Year: 2011

File Size: 8.97 MB

Alive Organizer allows you to decide: 1. Planning matters. Built-in scheduler allows to plan wisely and in time to notify you of any matters, meetings, significant dates, etc. Automatically generated based on the task schedule will effectively manage personal and business time.

2. The address book integrated into Alive Organizer, will allow you to save any number of personal and business contacts. Each record in the address book contains more than 50 different fields (such as full name, phone numbers, addresses, photos, job, etc.), allowing more fully described in the future to quickly find the desired destination.

3. The task manager in Alive Organizer will allow effectively plan the necessary business and projects. Means of Alive Organizer can remind about any approaching task, change or cancel it. In this case, each task in Alive Organizer can have a large number of fields correctly and conveniently placed on the tabs (the date of commencement and completion, priority, status, responsible for implementation of the performers, contacts, etc.).

4. Personal diaries. On each page of the diary you can send all the feelings, emotions and conclusions connected with a particular event, date or meeting. Any page of the diary in Alive Organizer can add necessary photos and drawings. After training the next note, it can easily be published on the popular blog Internet servers (Blogger, Live Journal, Type Pad, Mod Blog and so on) and then continue the discussion, get feedback, meet thousands of users, fans, friends and supporters of your thoughts around the world.

Operating system: Windows * 2000/XP/Vista/7

Released: 2011

Language: Multilanguage / Russian

Medicine: Present

Size: 8.97 MB