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Download VMware ESX Server 2.5.5

Description : VMware ESX - the leading hypervisor on the market, proving its reliability in the working environments of all sizes have thousands of customers - is the basis for creating a dynamic, automated data center. VMware ESX abstracts the CPU, memory, network and data storage, sharing them among multiple virtual machines. He is a reliable basis software package VMware Infrastructure. Since 2001 VMware ESX has set the standard superior performance, scalability and reliability.

Version : 2.5.5

Developer : VMware

Platform : VMware ESX Server

System requirements : A minimum of two and a maximum of sixteen processors: Intel 700MHz Pentium * III Xeon and above or AMD Opteron (32-bit mode)

512MB RAM minimum

Two or more Ethernet controllers. Supported controllers include: Broadcom * NetXtreme 570x and 571x Gigabit controllers

Intel PRO/100 adapters

Intel PRO/1000 adapters

3Com * 9xx based adapters

LSI SAS adapters

Language : English

Crack : Present