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Download Line 6 Podfarm 2.5

POD Farm 2.5Platinum provides an astonishing collection of more than
250 meatymodels. POD Farm 2.5 offers hand-picked essentials that no
recordingguitarist should be without.
The simple, carousel-style gearbrowser puts every last model at your
fingertips. Dark and smokyAmerican combos, gain-crazed British stacks
and beyond. Justdrag-and-drop models into the signal flow and build
the perfect sound.
Enhancedrouting with flexible DSP (digital signal processing) allows
for abroader range of tones. Split your guitar signal and create two
separateand simultaneous amp and effect signal chains with one click.
Create ahuge sound by routing up to 20 FX models (10 per chain) in any
order,before or after your amp and cab models. You can even add
post-cabinetmic preamps! Control the both chains with the virtual
A/B/Y box.
PODFarm Elements will streamline your workflow and conserve
CPUhorsepower. They are plug-ins that contain POD Farm models
groupedtogether by effect type. Instead of loading multiple instances
of PODFarm 2.5, choose a modular approach and load single amps,
preamps oreffects.
POD Farm 2.5 and POD Farm 2.5 Platinum offer full MIDIsupport via
any MIDI controller. We recommend Line 6 FBV Shortboarda�?MkII and
FBV Expressa�? MkII foot controllers. Intuitive MIDI
Learnfunctionality makes it easy to control model bypass, volume,
mute,global tap tempo, the virtual A/B/Y box and more.
POD Farm 2.5and POD Farm 2.5 Platinum continue the recording
revolution sparked overa decade ago by Line 6 Amp FarmA�, the
studio-standard modeling plug-inthat forever changed the way
guitarists record.
� 78 guitar amps
� 24 guitar cabs
� 28 bass amps
� 22 bass cabs
� 97 stompboxes and studio effects
� 6 mic preamps
� Dual Tone functionality and A/B/Y box