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Download DisplayFusion Pro 3.3.1

DisplayFusion will make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or
more) experience smooth and painless. With DisplayFusion you can add a
taskbar to every monitor that works and looks just like the Windows
Taskbar. Or take advantage of advanced multi-monitor wallpaper
support, Flickr Integration for image searching and fully customizable
window management hotkeys. These are just a few of the many things
that DisplayFusion can do.
� Advanced Multi-Monitor Taskbar support
� Use a different desktop wallpaper image on each monitor
� Use a desktop wallpaper image that spans all monitors
� Randomly change your desktop wallpaper using local images or
images from Flickr
� Drag or middle-click the taskbar of maximized windows to move
them to other screens
� Auto-snap windows to the edge of your monitor
� Manage application windows with fully customizable hotkeys
* Move windows to the next monitor
* Move windows to the next monitor and maximize them
* Move windows to the centre, top, bottom, left or right side of the
* Size windows to a configured size or percent of the work area
* Maximize windows so that they span all monitors
* Customize your own hotkeys to do anything you can imagine
� Built-in support for different languages:
* English
* French
* German
* Spanish
Changed: Added the option to use the current desktop wallpaper image
as the Windows Logon background
Changed: Disabling the Windows Logon feature now resets your Windows
Logon image to the Windows default
Changed: DisplayFusion Taskbars now support the Start Button in all
versions of Windows
Changed: DisplayFusion Taskbars now have a "Show Desktop" button
Changed: DisplayFusion Taskbars now support custom icons for all
types of shortcuts
Changed: Added an "Automatic" setting for Taskbar Button Alignment,
Taskbar Clock and Taskbar Shortcuts to position them automatically
based on where the monitor is positioned relative to the primary
Changed: Window Location feature now has a "Span" option
Changed: Window Location feature now has a "Minimize" option
Changed: Window Location can now run a selected HotKey against the
new window, instead of using one of the 5 pre-configured options
Changed: Added a new option to show a window's size and location
when moving/re-sizing it (Settings > Window Management
Changed: Added a new setting on the Window Management tab: "Allow
DisplayFusion to help minimize all windows when Win + M is pressed"
Changed: You can now middle-click in Firefox 4's caption buttons
(min/max/close) to move it to the next window, because middle-clicking
anywhere else opens a new tab
Changed: Added a new HotKey/TitleBar Button: "Lock Mouse Cursor to
Changed: Added a new HotKey/TitleBar Button: "Lock Mouse Cursor to
Focused Window"
Changed: When right-clicking on the TitleBar Buttons, the context
menu now contains all HotKeys so you can easily perform other actions
on that window
Changed: Window snapping is now immediate without needing to release
the mouse button to snap (called Sticky Snapping)
Changed: Added a new "Image Info" tab in the Wallpaper Settings
window for embedding information about the wallpaper image or system
Changed: TitleBar Button offset compatibility settings can now be
specified for normal and maximized windows separately
Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Taskbar: Windows Key
Opens DisplayFusion Start Menu Disabled"
Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Don't Hide for Top-Tabs
(Chrome, Firefox 4)"
Fixed: Setting the Taskbar size mode to Automatic is now improved
when the DF taskbar is on a different edge than the Windows taskbar
Fixed: A few Win7 Taskbar sizing issues fixed
Fixed: Issues with Compatibility settings have been resolved
Fixed: Window Snapping is no longer performed when a window is being
re-sized, only when a window is moved
Fixed: Window Snapping no longer snaps to windows that are behind
other windows
Fixed: Window Snapping no longer snaps to desktop gadgets
Fixed: Fullscreen Flash videos are no longer moved accidentally by
the Window Location feature
Fixed: Taskbar Shortcuts failed to load some website favicons
Fixed: Taskbars now adjust correctly when changing Windows theme
modes between Aero, Basic, Classic
Fixed: DisplayFusion taskbar icon updates no longer miss an update
Fixed: Improved monitor ID detection in Windows 7 (should have more
accurate ID numbers now)
Fixed: Windows can now be dragged to the top of the screen to
maximize the window (a Windows 7 feature) while Window Snapping is
Fixed: TitleBar Buttons no longer get hidden behind their parent
Fixed: Taskbar sizing, positioning improvements for all rendering
Fixed: Fixed a small proxy password and Vladstudio keycode
decryption issue
Fixed: Context menu colours now look correct in Windows XP and
Windows Vista/7
Fixed: TitleBar Buttons no longer cause VLC Media Player to crash
while playing a fullscreen video on some computers
Fixed: Taskbars no longer drop application items when
docking/undocking or disconnecting from an RDP session
Fixed: Taskbar now closes Excel and PowerPoint windows correctly
when Taskbar Grouping is enabled
Fixed: Taskbar now focuses Excel and PowerPoint windows correctly
when Taskbar Grouping is enabled
Fixed: TitleBar Button compatibility improvements: Skype 5.1,
Firefox 4, MetroTwit, Mintty
Fixed: Clicking on a taskbar button multiple times now works much
faster without ignoring any clicks
Fixed: Taskbar buttons now respect the "HKCUControl
PanelDesktopWindowMetricsMinWidth" setting