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Download Windows 7 xDark 4.3

In the Start Menu you will find many tools to Edit, Tweak, Customize,
Fix or Search anything you need in the System, the xDark™ Power
Tools compile everything you need to Customize your OS to the limits
making it more personal than ever and even faster, giving you the
option to edit system files and applications with just a single right
click and supporting the full modification or creation of Windows 7
Styles with the Integration of 7 Style Builder.
If you are an experienced user xDark™ 4.0 Series lets you create
your own switchless installers or execute applications with parameters
/ silent switches in live mode using the context menu, you will also
find many other options like customizing the icons appearance of the
system and applications individually, changing the attributes options
of files, renaming or copying the name of multiple files at once,
saving the desktop icons position to restore them whenever you want...
and many more..
To install xDark™ you need to it boot from your dvd drive, select
the keyboard settings, select the hard disk to install, create a
default user account, and wait for the post installer to finish. It is
important to let the post installer finish as it doesn't only install
a few important applications but it also finishes setting up the
system for you, here is a screen showing you the steps you will find
during installation: