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Download Rob Papen RG 1.5

With a built-in sequencer, you can create the classic rhythm guitar,
but in addition you can use the synthesizer features and effects to
create his own original guitar grooves.
RG 1.5 includes the following types of guitars:
- The classic Fender Stratocaster � (major and minor septa chords)
- Lining 8 notes Steel String Acoustic Guitar (major and minor
- 16-and longitudinal grooves Steel String Acoustic Guitar (major
and minor chords)
- Groove fifths Distorted guitar
- Mute (single notes or without chords)
As part of the synthesizer RG includes classic analog modeled
synthesizer filter, LFO, envelopes and modulation section. In section
effects you can use up to 3 effects simultaneously. There is
controlled by MIDI dressed chorus and also spikersimulyator, phaser,
flanger, etc. Includes more than 1000 preserov, 850 grooves "RG" and
300 "basic" grooves