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Download Valve Hammer Editor release 3.4

An updated version tool editing levels Valve. This release includes
new functionality and several fixes.
Wiki Info
Valve Hammer Editor (formerly known as Worldcraft, abbr. Hammer,
VHE) - a level editor, developed by Valve Software to work with game
engines �GoldSrc� and �Source� (older versions are also
supported by the engine id Software - �Quake engine�, and " id
Tech 2 ") included in the� Source SDK �- a set of programs to
create modifications for games built on technology� Source �.
Starting in version 3.3 along with a number of large-scale
improvements implemented rendering level using OpenGL in the preview
Thus, with the help of �Hammer� You can create levels for all
games based on the above two game engines of Valve; developers the
same level for engines �id Tech� can use earlier versions, which
can be found on the web.
Before the advent of the engine �Source� Editor only used Brasov
(English "brush" - Russian word for word. "Unit", "primitive"), to
create the geometry of the map.
The package was initially compilers BSP (handles the visibility
level geometry), CSG (cuts invisible polygons), VIS (visibility of
objects counts) and LIGHT (calculates the lighting). For various games
have their own set of compilers. In addition, there is an alternative
set of standard compilers, created by the developer enthusiast.
Year: 2011
Version: 3.4
Developer: Valve
Platform: Intel only
AMD Phenom X4 965
nVidia GeForce 9600 GT
Mac OS X 10.6.7
Language: English