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Download Belltech Business Card Designer Pro 5.3.1

BELLTECH BUSINESS CARD DESIGNER PRO helps you create and print your
business cards, based on professional samples and graphic signs of the
firm. Print out your business cards on any printer that is compatible
with Windows. The program for creating business cards, working with
different paper - Avery, Sigel, DECAdry, Herma, Formtec, etc. In this
program provides excellent tools for the design, graphics and
background images, allowing you to create a business card that
corresponds to your company. You can add a graphic sign, text, apply
the shadow effect, color, modify design until until you are satisfied
with the result.
� rotate text, shapes and images;
� adds a beautiful color, transparency and texture to your design;
� creates a single-sided or double-sided card;
� Have ready a very professional samples of cards that you can
immediately take advantage of;
� uses a large number of tools for image editing;
� keeps your card as a high-resolution image or Adobe PDF file for