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Download SkillSoft Training Courses

SkillSoft's IT Skills Courseware Collection provides a rich array of
content assets and flexible delivery technologies to support the full
range of formal and on-demand learning needs of IT organizations
Standardized course materials support IT professionals interested in
certification through every stage of the IT learning curve.
The IT Skills Courseware Collection consists of an array of courses
and supporting resources including:
* Courses – Our award winning IT courseware library includes
several thousand hours of interactive instruction
* IT Certification Manuals – Express Guides offer quick-to-market
and content-rich coverage of critical emerging certifications and
* Practice Certification Exams – TestPrep Exams allow learners to
test their knowledge of certification subjects in a simulated test
Learning Sparks are innovative, instructional products that engage
learners in dynamic, highly interactive scenarios. Utilizing learning
techniques such as first-person video narration, drag-and-drop network
simulations, and multiple choice questions with feedback, Sparks are a
concise new learning mode that provide opportunities to practice and
reinforce key targeted IT skills.
Practice Labs will offer an accelerated learning experience,
suitable for students who are refreshing their skills or supplementing
other training Live Learning brings world-class technical experts
right to your
desktop or laptop where they deliver an unparalleled overall
experience. It's the ultimate classroom!