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Download Futuremark 3DMark 11 Advanced Professional Edition

Recent versions of 3DMark, except for video card testing and CPU
performance in tasks such as game artificial intelligence and physics
engine. 3DMark, in fact, the visual is a computer game, which is a
non-interactive because the user can not affect the gameplay.
The new version of 3DMark 11 which was originally designed to test
the capabilities of the equipment based on modern GPUs. Note for users
of the library Bullet Physics with open source software, as well as
six new tests to verify the performance of devices that support the
latest version of DirectX libraries 11. Benchmark uses all new
technology DX11, including tessellation, volumetric lighting,
computing shaders and multi-threaded computing.
What are the editorial 3DMark 11?
3DMark 11 Advanced Edition also supports the setup ready, and in
addition allows users to manually configure the test parameters.
Function benchmark looping ensure reusability of a selected set of
tests to obtain more accurate results. The product also provides the
ability to save test results in the "online" store or on the hard
3DMark 1911 Professional Edition - the only edition, designed for
corporate and commercial use. The product combines the functionality
of these versions, []