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Download Bobcad-Cam 24.01

Since 1985 BobCAD-CAM has been dedicated to providing manufacturers
just like you with powerful and easy to use CNC programming CAD-CAM
software. Our purpose is helping you effectively automate the
machining process. We now provide CNC G & M Code for Mill, Lathe,
Router, Water Jet, Laser, Plasma and Wire EDM machines. Our CAD/CAM
systems offer powerful CAD functionality for design combined with
Toolpath and complete G Code producing functionality, making
programming for your CNC machine simple. BobCAD-CAM V24 Mill Standard
The focus for BobCAD-CAM V24 was based completely off of user
feedback. The toolpath creation was redesigned giving the user an even
easier machining process designed to walk the user step by step
through setting up each machining feature, while giving the user more
control over each element of each machining operation. The user
interface has been improved by grouping commonly used tools together,
making it easier and faster to get to the most commonly used functions
in the software. Hundreds of new descriptive images have been added to
the software giving the user more confidence over controlling each
aspect of the BobCAD-CAM toolpath strategies. Machining Wizards
Completely redesigned machining process setup focused on giving the
user more control over all aspects of BobCAD-CAM's multi-operation
machining features, while still maintaining BobCAD-CAM's automation of
the entire machining process. The Drilling, 2 Axis, and 3 Axis
Machining Wizards make cutting parts easier and faster, while giving
more control to the user. Drilling Wizard - Automatic Hole Sorting.
Automatically creates separate drilling features for each individual
hole size. - Automatically assigns appropriate drilling tools for each
operation inside the drilling features. - Allows for editing of
several machining features at one time. CAM Enhancements - Independent
control over system compensation and machine compensation for all
roughing and finishing profiling toolpaths. - On the fly start point
and direction editing for Profile, Chamfer, and Engraving machining
features, eliminating the need to create extra geometry. - Redesigned
Tool Library to make creating and editing tools faster and easier. -
Redesigned tool numbering scheme allowing the user to view and edit
all tools from within any machining feature. - Improved manual feed
and speed calculator allowing users to perform SFM calculations on the
fly. - Independent flood, air, mist, and oil coolant control for each
tool. - Diameter and Height Offset register editing on the fly. -
Editing of either effective depth or overall depth of drilling tools
has been added. - Quick Trim tool to simplify the geometry cleanup
process User Interface Enhancements - Redesigned toolbars that make
accessing the most commonly used functions faster and easier, while
taking up less valuable screen area. - Every icon has been redesigned,
making finding needed functions easier than ever, while keeping
consistency for current users. - New default keyboard shortcuts
further improving the speed of designing and machining parts. - Post
Yes/No icon has been moved to top level of the machining feature
making it easier to edit and locate disabled machining features. -
Blank and Unblank for all toolpaths has been added to making moving
between machining and design even easier. - Post Yes/No for all
features makes modifying your machining process even easier.