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Download Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade USA Wii-MSD

While soaring through the sky in their fabulous Dreamship, Reader
Rabbit and Sam the Lion have suddenly had their ship wrapped up by
something strange as they float above Balloon Town. A friendly turtle
known as the Bubble Wrapper explains that the Dreamship is being
brought to the Pointy Palace, where ll objects with points or sharp
edges are stored there to protect the balloons. Reader Rabbit and Sam
the Lion head towards the Pointy Palace to reclaim their Dreamship,
but first they must wake up the sleeping bull that blocks the Pointy
Palace path. Join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion as they bounce around
Balloon Town in search of musical instruments that they can use to
wake up the bull. As you explore the sights and sounds of Balloon
Town, help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion solve puzzles to collect
these musical instruments.
Reader Rabbit Kindergarten has been designed to interest children
and encourage learning of basic kindergarten skills such as
mathematics, phonics, reading, and listening in multiple contexts.
This Reader Rabbit series is comprised of grade-based and
subject-based titles aimed at children from infancy through second
grade. Reader Rabbit is the main protagonist and goes on various
adventures usually involving educational mini-games.