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Download dGB Earth Sciences OpendTect 4.2.0

OpendTect software consists of an open source part and an (optional)
closed source part. The open source part originates with dGB Earth
Sciences who act as custodians of the system and take care of new
developments, testing, releasing and supporting the system. As with
all open source software systems anyone can contribute to bring the
software to a higher level. The closed source part of OpendTect
consists of commercial plugins. These are developed by a growing
number of oil company developers as in house products and by software
vendors such as: dGB Earth Sciences, ARK CLS, Earthworks and
Geokinetics, as commercial plugins.
OpendTect started life as an open source seismic interpretation
system back in 2003. It was in 2009, however, that the General Public
License (GPL) was adopted and the system became truly open source.
over 40,000 times implying that today it ranks amongst the most widely
used seismic interpretation systems in the world.
The OpendTect Connector plug In for Petrel software, developed by
ARK CLS using the Ocean software development framework, will provide
the Petrel user community with access to OpendTects industry leading
commercial plug ins relating to areas, such as attribute and
processing analysis, sequence stratigraphy, fluid migration, rock
property predictions and velocity modeling.
3D horizons, including time/depth horizons, and high quality
attribute volumes generated by OpendTect, can all be incorporated into
Petrel software, enabling users to build robust reservoir models,
maximize their geological data, and bridge the gap between seismic
quantitative interpretation and more production focused reservoir
In all cases, interpreters will be able to seamlessly export and
import seismic data between the Petrel workflow manager and OpendTect
with no need to move separate SEG Y files back and forth between
applications as was done previously.
Seismic interpreters will also be able to use Petrel software to
access OpendTects latest plug in, HorizonCube, significantly
increasing the number and density of mapped horizons and resulting in
improved low frequency model building, more accurate inversion
results, and geologically sound rock property predictions.
OPENDTECT MAIN FEATURES: www.opendtect.org
WHATS NEW IN 4.2: www.opendtect.org