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Download eJay Dance

Ejay Dance is back! Software, which has inspired fans from around the
world are now better than ever libo.U Ejay Dance 6 reloaded it turns
out: no matter you are a real musician or you just want to have fun,
create great tracks.
Title: eJay Dance 6 reloaded
Year / Release Date: October 15, 2010
Developer: eJay
Platform: PC
Bit depth: 32bit
Compatibility with Vista: only x86 (32-bit)
Compatible with Windows 7: The only x86 (32-bit)
Language: German English
Medicine: Present
System requirements:
Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1,2 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Free disk space 2500 MB
Size: 1.82 Gb
In the 3D VJ Box you can create video clips with visual effects for
your music - are available over 2,000 3D and video elements.
And you can publish all your materials directly to Twitter,
Facebook, YouTube and MySpace - so you can show your videos to friends
and also enjoy a cool community Ejay.
Ext. Information:
- 10,000 sounds unlicensed dancing Trance, House, Techno, Euro Pop,
Rave, Big Beat, Disco
- Sound mixer for 48 tracks for organizing and creating music
- 5 virtual instruments
- 3D VJ Box to create video clips with visual effects
- Direct load on Facebook, YouTube and MySpace
- Disc Creator to create audio CDs
- Direct export to the mobile equipment (eg, IPod, iPhone, PSP,
mobile phones, and more.)
- Live Re-mixer
- Time & Tune Generator in Studio Effects
- Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista
* The language setting - German, but since the entire interface is
graphical and intuitive enough (to the same button labels in English,
but with the German description) to work with the program is not much
affected. Especially in a single menu bar is the standard icons for
the "Save" and "Save As ...", you can understand, especially those who
enjoyed the previous second version of the program.