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Download Cinesamples Voxos Epic Virtual Choirs

VOXOS is split up into three main sections:
* 30 Syllable Matrix Editor
* Intuitive, performance-oriented scripting
* Staccatos, Sustains, Shouts, Whispers
* Dynamic morphing from p to fff
* 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
* Section contains over 16,000 samples
* Sopranos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
* Altos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
* Tenors (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
* Basses (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
* Boys Choir (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
* Solo Boy, Soprano and Alto
* Real transition samples for all intervals
* Innovative Voice Leading Engine (V.L.E.)
* 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
* Section alone contains 17,000 samples
* Trailer Risers (7 speeds)
* Shouts
* Whispers
* Grunts
* Screams
* Tonal Diatonic Clusters (pp to fff)
* Atonal Clusters (pp to fff)
* 1950s Sandman Choir (bum bum)
* Contains over 1,700 samples
* 4 Mic positions + Full Mix