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Download Finale

Finale 2011 for MAC OS X and Windows PC's.
Preferred by musicians worldwide
Finale is the world standard for music notation software. More than
2.5 million professional and aspiring musicians, composers, engravers,
arrangers, and educators use the Finale family of
notation products.
Finale is for everyone
Finale 2011 provides you with the flexibility, freedom and power to
create any music you
can imagine. Instead of forcing you to adapt your creative process
to the software,
Finale adapts to you. The result? You can quickly and easily turn
your inspiration
into applause.
The most note entry options
Play a MIDI keyboard, use a mouse and computer keyboard, scan
existing music, capture a brass or woodwind performance, or import a
variety of files. Learn more.
Finale 2011 frees you from software constraints so you can focus on
music. From lyrics and staff layout to Garritan sounds and new fonts,
Finale 2011 is more intuitive, efficient, and flexible. Learn more.
World-Class Sounds
More than 375 instrument sounds from the renowned makers Garritan
Personal Orchestra, 100+ sounds from Tapspace Virtual Drumline, AND
support for external sound libraries means Finale offers the very best
in playback. Learn more.
Finale Exclusives
Finale is the only music notation software program that lets you
record or import a mono or stereo audio file to enhance playback,
includes Band-in-a-Box Auto-harmonizing, has Human Playback, and more.
1. Burn ISO (DVD Image) to a DVD Disc.
1. Mount ISO Image using Daemon or Alcohol or Toast.
2. Disconnect internet.
3. Install.
4. When asked for serial, enter whatever serial you want as long as
it has
MFNR for the first four characters. Enter as MFNR-XXXXXX
where X is any number.
(e.g. MFNR-123456, MFNR-654321, MFNR-108432)
5. Do Not Lose your serial number that you wrote.
6. Launch Keygen.dmg
7. Copy the serial number used into keygen in the appropriate space.
8. Click "Next" in finale.
9. Some shit will pop up. Hit "Continue."
10. Select the "Website or Telephone" option. Click "Next."
11. Copy the "User Code" into the "Challenge Code" field in keygen.
12. Now hit "Calculate" button in keygen.
13. Copy the generated code (8 letters and numbers) from keygen into
14. DOne! You have succesfully registered Finale.