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Download CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager 4.1.5

QoS Policy Manager provides different classes of service Web based
applications, voice traffic, control information and applications that
are critical to minor delays.
Centralized policy management easy to use graphical interface
eliminates the need for a consistent configuration of each device on
the network, providing network based policy paradigm of configuration
settings and implement quality of service;
Differentiated Services traffic network applications (Differentiated
service for application traffic) tools that simplify configuration of
the device for classification of network traffic (traffic
classification) and supervise the implementation of network policies
QoS, which allow you to implement a differentiated approach to service
traffic of various applications;
Configuration Domain QoS (QoS domain configuration) intelligent
interface for grouping devices that allow to selectively initialize
QoS mechanisms for a particular domain policies (policy domain)
Comprehensive support functions of quality of service QoS
(Comprehensive QoS feature support) traffic shaping and eliminating
network congestion due to applications that extend the functionality
of the Cisco IOS for QoS;
Secure implementation of network policies (Reliable policy
deployment) check integrity policy (policy validation checking), a
preview of the changed configuration, the partial change of access
control lists (ACL, access control list), a convenient task
management. All this provides a reliable introduction of QoS policies
in the device Cisco;
Reports in the form of Web pages (Web based reporting) reports
prepared in a format suitable for viewing in a Web browser, allow you
to quickly implement the review and analysis of the implementation of
QoS policies
Extensive support for network devices and different versions of
Cisco IOS QPM supports the Cisco 2500 series, 3600, 4000, 4500, 4700,
7200 and 7500, routing switching module route switch module (RSM) for
Cisco IOS;
Integration with CiscoWorks Inventory list of equipment can be
imported from third Resource Manager Essentials 2.0, which will reduce
the time required to configure devices for monitoring the quality of
performance of network policies.
Described in the CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager 4.1 Data Sheets
There are two types: combined (config / monitoring), or monitoring
Is a text file with the extension . lic. Without a license file QPM
are 60 days for up to 20 devices. License infinite.
The license is tied to the hardware! (Mac address/machine id).
It will be sufficient to replace before installing the mac address
to the one specified in the license file HostID. Another feature: if
you add a license file through the QPM snap license is not picked up.
Must be placed in the appropriate folder fayl.lic QPM and restartanut
Licenses from 3.x to 4.x do not work.
qpm41sol.zip (directly qpm 4.1, ~ 546.0 mb)
QPM 500 combined.lic (combined license for 500 devices)