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Download Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R21 GA

CATIA V5R21 delivers top quality surfaces achievement for body work
in the automotive industry, with superior user experience from CATIA
Imagine & Shape
CATIA Imagine & Shape, the virtual clay modeler based on subdivision
surface technology, delivers world-class surface tools to address body
shape details such as cutting face plus superior usability tools for
designers. Designers take also advantage of real-time rendering visual
feedback during the creation phase. This makes CATIA Imagine & Shape
fully suitable for body design in automotive industry.
CATIA V5R21 reach functional completeness and V5-V6 feature
equivalence for CATIA Icem products
CATIA V5R21 extends its advanced and powerful freeform surface
modeling, modification and analysis capabilities within the Class A
modeling domain. V5R21 improves the Quality of the produced surfaces
with more efficient tools to validate shape quality. User efficiency &
Workflow are also improved thanks to a dedicated modeling environment
embedding an adapted user interface. This completes the feature set
alignment of V5R19, V5R21, and V6R2012.
CATIA V5R21 keeps improving mechanical surfacing design technologies
with Loft command enhancements.
The Loft command has been enhanced to define continuity in curvature
(G2) with section supports or guide supports where previously only
tangent continuity was supported. This new capability increases the
quality of the Loft because you can define precisely which continuity
you want to apply on sections and guides. Another improvement lets you
create a surface with a punctual extremity in one shot. In the Loft
command, one section and two guide curves intersecting each other at
one extremity are sufficient to create such shapes, resulting in
increased productivity.