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The player will only achieve success in the game if he makes use of
the extensive system for the further development of the heroine Ayumi
- Experience Points earned, for example, must be converted to Skills.
There are various Power-ups available to help the player as well, like
combat techniques, magic, weapon enhancement and teleportation and the
right mix will lead to success. Apart from that, the use of skills on
the "good or bad side" also affects the finale. Depending on player
actions, two different game endings await the heroine Ayumi - and that
in itself is a hook for players.
* Absorbing fantasy story with spectacular landscapes and figures.
Attractive heroine in Anime style. Learn to play easily - wide range
of development possibilities.
* Special mode for a heroine with demonic forces. Innovative Blade
Gun for firing projectiles and for close combat. Role-playing elements
to improve skills and enhance weapons.
* Over 20 types of magic in different classes. Around 40 different
scenarios (Indoor and Outdoor). Alternative endings, depending on
player's actions.
* Hidden Power-ups hook players to explore levels. Over 30 different
classes of opponent. Powerful Boss opponents with fantastic design.
* Cinematic stylistic devices like Bullet-Time. Various difficulty
levels - from Beginner to Pro.
* Gripping fantasy story with spectacular landscapes and characters.
* Attractive anime-style heroine.
* Special Alternate “Demonic Power” mode.
* Innovative "Pistol Blades" for shooting projectiles and
close-quarter fights.
* Over 40 indoor and outdoor level environments.
* Over 30 different types of enemies.
* Over 20 different types of magic in different classes.
* Strong Boss opponents in fantastic detail and designs.
* Hidden powerups animate players to explore the levels.
* Alternate endings depending upon the player’s behavior
throughout the game.
• OS: Windows XP SP 2 / Vista;
• Processor: Pentium IV with clock frequency of 2 GHz;
• 512 MB RAM;
• Video Card nVidia GeForce 7600 or ATI Radeon x1650 with 256 MB
of graphics memory;
• 5 GB of free hard disk space;
• Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0;