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Download linuxDSP CH-EQ2B VST 1.0.1

De-cramped Mid Filter ��� � ���
More natural analogue filter response without requiring CPU
intensive upsampling.
Interpolated Controls ��� � ���
Two stage interpolation provides responsive, smoothly adjustable
controls without clicks or 'zipper' noise.
Adjustable Shelving Filters ��� � ���
LF and HF shelf filters with fully adjustable frequency and gain.
Realtime parameter display ��� � ���
Accurate display of control parameters as they are adjusted.
De-cramped Mid-Range Filter Frequency Response:
In a standard digital band-pass or peak filter, the response often
becomes distorted at frequencies approaching the limit defined by the
sample rate, as the filter response is constrained to 0dB at this
point. The use of a de-cramped filter provides a means to overcome
this limitation.
ch-eq2b filter graph Click for Larger Image ��� The Mid-Range
filter in the CH-EQ2B uses innovative DSP tecnology to provide a
de-cramped response which more closely approximates the behaviour of
an analogue filter by removing these constraints at the upper
frequency limit.