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Download Sonusparadisi Velesovo Organ Hauptwerk WAV

The organbuilder Tomaš Močnik lives in the town Cerklje nearby,
and hence his Opus 14 in the Velesovo church is a kind of his
"showroom" instrument. It was built in a very traditional manner,
inspired by the Thuringian baroque organs, particularly by the work of
Zacharias Hildebrandt. The Hauptwerk is situated in the centre of the
main case, the Oberwerk occupies its upper part. The pedal pipes are
located behind the windchest of the Hautpwerk. The tracker is purely
mechanical, perfectly going, allowing good touch control.
The pipes are voiced extraordinary mild, even tender, and thus the
resulting sound is not excessively pungent or penetrating. In spite of
lower wind pressure, the pipes speak with ease and well defined
attack. The gravity of the sound is achieved thanks to the 16'
fundament of the Hauptwerk, supported further by the 32' fundament of
the Pedal. The organ offers wide range of foundation voices:
principals, open and stopped flutes, conical and chimney flutes,
strings and reeds. The mutations are represented by mixtures, wide and
narrow quints, thirds and Sesquialtera. Alltogether, the are 38
sounding stops. Accessory stops include separate channel tremulants
for each division including the Pedal, couplers and a Zimberlstern