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Download SAP Crystal Reports v2011!

SAP Crystal Reports software enables you to easily design
interactive reports and connect them to virtually any data source.
Your users can benefit from on-report sorting and filtering – giving
them the power to execute decisions instantly. And with SAP Crystal
Reports Dashboard Design package, you can gain even more functionality
for compelling reports. This bundled product includes SAP Crystal
Reports and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design ( formerly known as Xcelsius
Engage), giving you the power to create highly formatted reports with
what-if scenario models, interactive charts – and deliver them via
the Web, e-mail, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, or embedded in
enterprise applications. As a result, you can leverage your reports to
make better operational and strategic decisions.
With SAP Crystal Reports, you can:
* Leverage professional reporting - priced for everyone
* Empower end users to explore reports with on-report sorting and
* Minimize IT and developer effort with interactive reports
* Develop powerful data mashups
* Save valuable report design time
* Embed professional-looking reports in Java and .NET applications
* Tailor your solution by adding report management and viewing tools
Features & Functions
SAP Crystal Reports provides comprehensive functionality to design,
explore, visualize, and deliver compelling reports.
SAP Crystal Dashboard Design integration – Visualize the potential
outcome of your business decisions with what-if scenario models built
in your report file. Import SAP Crystal Dashboard Design-generated SWF
files into your report and benefit from improved design-time
integration. IT and developers will design fewer reports to support
the decision making process. Please note: SAP Crystal Dashboard Design
tool is not included in SAP Crystal Reports.
Adobe Flex integration – Execute business decisions from within
the report file. Integrate your reports with operational workflows by
embedding Adobe Flex (SWF) applications into your reports. Using Adobe
Flex Builder you can create any business user UI to access report data
and integrate with external Web services. Data in your report can be
passed to the Flex application via Flashvars, making it easy to create
a flexible UI even when you don't have access to your data via Web
services. The Flex applications enable you to perform tasks such as
database write-back – invoking operational workflows directly within
SAP Crystal Reports. IT and developers benefit from instant,
coding-free integration of SAP Crystal Reports with your business
processes. Please note: Adobe Flex Builder is not included in SAP
Crystal Reports.
Parameter panel – The report designer and the .NET Winform and
.NET Webform viewers have a parameter panel that allows you to set
parameter values without refreshing data. The parameters are displayed
directly on the panel, so you can easily see them, make changes, and
have new values applied directly to the saved data.
Interactive report viewing – Users can answer more business
questions with fewer -and more flexible – reports, significantly
reducing dependency on developer and IT support. On-report sorting,
filtering, and report reformatting with the SAP Crystal Reports
viewers allow users to explore information interactively without
re-querying the database. New optional parameters provide for complex
user-driven filtering scenarios.
Flash integration – Create stunning visualizations by adding
dynamic charts, graphics and even video files to your reports. A wide
variety of flexible data presentation options are available through
Flash. Flash (SWF) files can be integrated into your report and report
data can be shared with SWF via Flashvars for compelling, interactive,
and information-rich reports. Plus, the SWF files can quickly be
embedded in the report or linked via a Web site, saving IT and
development time.
Powerful crosstabs – Add your own custom calculated rows and
columns in a crosstab. Reference any cell in the crosstab within these
calculated rows and columns to provide additional flexibility. This
feature is ideal for financial statements where you want to combine
the tabular design of a crosstab with the flexibility of custom
Flexible pagination – Facilitate better online report viewing to
your end users. Report designers can customize page size and easily
control page breaking after N records/groups. A single report can
combine portrait- and landscape-oriented pages and the white space at
the end of groups can be removed by compressing the page footers. So
your users can benefit from easier-to-read reports.
SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, Adobe Flex, and Adobe Flash
integration – SAP Crystal Reports developers can produce powerful
mashups pulling data from various sources. Your developers can easily
integrate components designed in Flash and Flex without any coding,
and significantly expand the scope of their application deployment.
Please note: Access to commercial third party Flash components like
ESRI ArcWeb Services as shown in the demonstration is not included in
SAP Crystal Reports.
Enhanced Web services data driver – Expand your access to data
over the Web. The new data driver offers additional Web access to Web
services by providing support for RPC encoding of SOAP messages,
SSL-secured Web servers, as well as a working compatibility with the
WS-Security standard. It adapts to custom logon requirements such as
e-mail addresses or user/password. Developers can combine the
flexibility of XML and Web services with report formatting and
visualization to deliver reports linking report data to sophisticated
interactive data mashups such as integration with third-party mapping
Built-in barcode support – Save design time and reduce your cost.
Generate barcodes with only a few clicks of the mouse by using the new
'turn to barcode' function in the context menu. Easily convert fields
to Code39 barcodes without any coding or extra steps. And benefit from
additional barcode fonts available from third-party vendors.
Enhanced designer features – Report designer will be more
productive with features like global formula search, duplicate
formula, duplicate running total, auto complete field names, and the
'find in field explorer' feature.
Multilingual reporting – Choose the working language you prefer by
simply selecting the language packs you wish to use during your SAP
Crystal Reports installation. Then switch the report designer UI to
use any of the installed language packs. The report content locale can
also be explicitly set for each report file. This setting controls
sorting, grouping, and formatting that matches the local language
customs and conventions.
Hyperlinking wizard – Report designers can save time by
automatically creating the SAP Crystal Reports formula required to
invoke an SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 'opendocument' hyperlink.
Integrated salesforce.com driver – The salesforce.com driver
included with SAP Crystal Reports allows for easy access to complete
customer data – turning it into actionable business information.
Reports that use a salesforce.com driver will refresh when deployed to
Improved XML exporting – Render reports in almost any format and
enjoy faster and easier integration with your industry-specific
business processes – without the need for custom coding. The XSLT
transformations are embedded in the report file and will be triggered
by users from within the viewer when exporting to XML. This provides a
powerful, flexible hook for transforming SAP Crystal Reports data and
integrating it into other applications.