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Download A ARC Serve BMR

In business, changeis constant. Staff grows. New offices spring up.
And typically, yourethe one on the hook to make sure your data is
always protected. CAARCserve Backup, from CA Technologies, goes beyond
backup, giving smalland medium-sized businesses highly reliable data
protection withcentralized management that answers the big questions:
How do you managemore data while reducing storage costs How do you
proactively monitorsystems to avoid problems that could cause data
loss How do you ensure aquick recovery in case of an unplanned outage
Your Backup
Withextensive management features that work together to help reduce
thetime you spend managing your backups, CA ARCserve Backup
providesenterprise class? functionality optimized to support your
business nomatter how simple or complex your data or your IT
infrastructure is. CAARCserve Backup helps you quickly prepare for,
respond to and recoverfrom the disasters and disruptions that would
otherwise threaten theintegrity and reliability of your business