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Download O and O Defrag Professional 14.5

Unleash the hidden performance of your computer with the minimum
effort. O&O Defrag packs file fragments quickly and securely back
together to optimize your hard disk under Windows. Its functionality
ranges from a fully automated defragmentation to an individual
professional set up. It can do everything a truly good defragmentation
software should be able to do. The new background monitoring function
helps to prevent fragmentation at source. Newly added and modified
files are analyzed and defragmented whenever they are not being
accessed. O&O Defrag makes sure that your hard disk is constantly
performing at its peak.
We have expanded the range of functions of the new O&O Defrag 14 to
make it even easier to use. For the first time, it is possible to
defragment single folders or files over the context menu besides the
usual hard disks and partitions. Furthermore, we have developed a
background monitoring function, which automatically protects your
computer against strong fragmentation without you as a user having to
get involved. The new and sophisticated file status view shows you the
quantity and the fragmentation level of the most extensively affected
files. Also, the already familiar block view has been enhanced with
detailed information. Thus, you will receive an overview with O&O
Defrag, of where the individual fragmented parts of the files are to
be found on the hard disk.
Fragmentation is the main reason for an extensive performance loss
under Windows. Since hard disks tend to be the slowest components of a
computer, it is imperative that their performance is optimized. Newly
developed technologies within O&O Defrag allow for an even better
adjustment to Windows Vista and a better processing of especially big
file systems (several million files) - while still using the least
amount of working memory. Thanks to O&O Defrag 11, many files can be
read and written much faster and you can be sure that your hard disk
is continuously performing at its peak.
. New: Protection from strong fragmentation through background
monitoring and defragmentation
. New: Defragmentation of individual directories and files through
the context menu
. New: Optimized File Status View and enhanced Block View
. Wizard for regular and automated defragmentation
. Five different defragmentation methods
. O&O OneButtonDefrag for simple setting up of automatic
. O&O ActivityGuardPro for the least system load
. Support of all Windows drives
Fragmented hard disks put the brakes on your PC!
Fragmentation can drastically slow down your computer. But the
situation is not hopeless: O&O Defrag is the perfect remedy!
Defragmentation rearranges the individual data fragments and writes
them contiguously on the hard disk. This is really the only way for
your computer to regain its original power and performance.
Important Features at a Glance
. fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,Vista, and XP new
. zone filing for optimal organization of files new
. three additional defragmentation methods (eight methods in all)
. Improved: even better at eliminating high levels of fragmentation
. Background monitoring: your system is constantly kept at its peak
. Screen Saver Mode: optimizes your PC whenever it's not being used
. O&O OneClickDefrag for fully automatic configuration
. Job Assistant for scheduling defragmentation