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Download SammSoft ARO 2011

In ARO 2011 you'll find the added ability to cleanup junk on your PC
and analyze your system's security. Junk cleanup will remove temporary
files, bad shortcuts, memory dumps, temporary internet files, among
other things. This will help aid in improving PC performance while
keeping your PC clean. The PC Security analysis will check to see if
your Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall are properly installed and
providing the best security possible. ARO 2011 will check each one of
these areas and let you know if it needs attention or not.
ARO 2011 continues to provide the abilitiy to truly tweak Windows
for improved PC performance. We have included a set of specific
registry tweaks that allow you the ability to improve startup times,
application performance and general PC performance during normal use.
While overall improvement may vary, users who are constantly managing
large amounts of media such as pictures, music or movies could see the
biggest improvement.
Improve NTFS performance
The time stamps for "last accessed" files and folders are updated by
Windows on a regular basis and this can consume vital processor
cycles. Checking this tweak can help improve performance on NTFS
system, as this disables the time stamp activity. Users who have large
quantities of media such as pictures and music on their PC will find
this tweak extremely useful as those files tend to be used and updated
more often.
Improve Core Operating System Kernel Performance
Drivers that are seldom used and additional system code are normally
stored in the physical RAM on a users' PC. By default Windows is
limiting the performance of applications by reducing the amount of
physical memory available for use. By optimizing kernel performance
your PC will now store this unused information on the disk when it is
not being used.
Increase CPU Priority
It is the Windows default to evenly split CPU priority among
applications. To improve application performance you can use this
tweak to give priority to the application you are actively using.
Increase maximum CPU threads
When the system load is high the amount of CPU threads is limited by
Windows. Utilizing this tweak increases the maximum thread count and
helps improve PC performance during peak usage.
Speed ​​Up windows startup
Normally Windows startup files are spread out across your hard-disk
which increases the amount of time it takes the PC to read them in
order for Windows to startup. By moving all of the startup files into
a contiguous cluster on your hard-disk you'll decrease the time it
takes Windows to startup.