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Download DBSync For MySQL and PostgreSQL 3.5.4

PostgreSQL to MySQL rapidly and reliably! Operate with a whole
database or select only needed tables, fields, indexes and foreign
keys to proceed! Reach the desired result by simply configuring of
several options through Wizard interface or in command line mode!
DBSync for MySQL & PostgreSQL is also applicable for PostgreSQL
database synchronization and migration to another PostgreSQL database
or even to another PostgreSQL server. Moreover, DBSync for MySQL &
PostgreSQL is quite well for MySQL database synchronizing and
migration to another MySQL database or to another MySQL server.
High speed data conversion and performance
Try it now and make sure that it�s true! DBSync for MySQL &
PostgreSQL establishes a direct connection to source and destination
databases. Thanks to improved quality of synchronization, data is
transferred much faster and more accurate in comparison with lots of
universal synchronizers which use ODBC or ADO. It is developed exactly
for solving your problem with minimum effort and time!
Preverification of possible conversion errors
Verify possible conversion errors before the conversion process gets
started! To prevent is better than to correct! Our tool displays
errors and potential problems with your table objects beforehand. Some
errors that could bring to the conflict on a destination database are
easy to eliminate by a small reconfiguration of the conversion process
issues in one touch.
Safe data synchronization and database integrity
Don�t care about safety of your data. Our converter will do it for
you! DBSync for MySQL & PostgreSQL supports all PostgreSQL server and
MySQL server data types (including `BLOBs`, `ENUMs`, `SETs` and Data
Arrays). Primary keys, indexes and foreign keys are supported in the
best way.
Conditional data migration
Manage your database conversion with the help of integrated data
filters. Define filtering conditions and retrieve only the specific
data that you need for conversion. Due to our data filters you get
more control on data migration process.
Update, Insert and Drop synchronization
Keep all your databases up-to-date. Insert synchronization is meant
for new records adding from a source to a destination database. Update
synchronization is meant for replacing of the altered records in
destination database. Drop-synchronization allows users to delete
records from destination database if these records were removed in
source. Together they allow keeping distributed databases in