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Download Magic Desktop for KIDS 2011

Not only can you control which programs kids can access, you can
also control when and how kids access the approved programs. For
example, you can condition their ability to play games upon finishing
their homework, completing their chores, or succeeding in our
educational programs. Once your child masters the multiplication table
and earns enough bonus points he or she can gain access to the puzzle
or Internet. "No Homework-No Play!" technology becomes your virtual
Play kids cannot send or receive e-mails from unknown persons.
E-mails from unknown addresses are quarantined and require parental
approval. In addition, Magic Mail is completely virus and SPAM
And More...
The child's desktop grows with them through continuous updates and
new content. Moreover, as kids become familiar with the included
programs and content, parents can choose to import applications from
Windows into Magic Desktop. This feature allows parents to expand
their child's capabilities and further prepare them for future.
1. Extract files with WinRAR
2. Run Application
3. Read "Installation instructions.txt"