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Download SBSH SafeWallet 2.2.1

SBSH SAFEWALLET is a powerful and highly secured storage application
allowing you to securely store various types of information. Use
SafeWallet to store business and private information and enjoy
easy-to-use interface whenever you need it! Allowing you to store
information such as: Credit cards information, online passwords, bank
account info, registration codes, ATM PINs, emergency contacts,
addresses, serial numbers and create your own card templates for your
own custom information!
* SafeWallet is backed with a powerful 256 bit AES encryption, the
same encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government, along with
additional security technologies based on IDF experience - providing
you with the best encryption solution to keep your information
* Auto-Close feature will automatically shut down SafeWallet when
running at your PC background and left unused for a user-defined time
interval. Making sure that your sensitive information is not
accessible even when if you leave it running at the background
* Password strength indicator providing indication about passwords
of your choice that will help you make sure that your selected
password is strong enough. SafeWallet limits creation of wallets using
weak passwords
* Featuring an advanced password generation utility, allowing to
create truly random passwords based on random user mouse movement
* Copy passwords directly to your PC clipboard without having them
show on your screen. Define a short interval after which your password
will be automatically cleaned from your PC clipboard - making sure
different users won't locate left passwords on your PC clipboard
* Use password field type within your cards information in order to
keep your important information away from the unwanted eye
* Featuring Password Strength meter, backed with a powerful
algorithm, providing you visual feedback concerning the strength of
passwords of your selection that will help you choose stronger
* Search utility allowing you to quickly search for cards content
within all currently opened wallets. Easily navigate through the
different search results
* The only wallet application supporting multiple wallets
management! Manage your personal and business wallets in one place and
at the same time!
* Powerful Import and Export Wizards allowing to easily import
wallets from different applications and data formats and export your
wallet content to simple textual display format
* Sporting the latest Vista design style to ensure ease-of-use while
managing your sensitive information