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Download DGB OpendTect Commercial 4.2

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1999 - 2011
OpendTect is an open source seismic interpretation software
system for processing, visualizing and interpreting
multi-volume seismic data, and for fast-track development
of innovative interpretation
Optionally OpendTect can be extended with (closed source)
commercial plugins
OpendTect is released under a triple licensing scheme:
1) GPL (open source)
2) Commercial (allows access to the commercial plugins)
3) academic (free plugins for research only)
The GPL license covers OpendTect. The software is released
with its source code (C++), is not protected by a license
manager, and can be used by anyone, including for
commercial purposes, as long as the user accepts to adhere
to the GNU/GPL rules
Analyze 2D, 3D, 4D pre- and post-stack seismic data
Data processing and visualization are rigorously integrated
in the OpendTect system. Visualization elements can be
moved freely through data space to interactively analyze
data from stored volumes, or data that are calculated
Volume-rendering, stereo viewing and color blending are
supported features
Numerous attributes and filters, math and logic, attributes
from attributes are supported in the industry's most
powerful attribute engine
Spectral Decomposition is used for imaging and mapping
temporal bed thickness and geological discontinuities
Algorithms include FFT and CWT
Attribute parameters (frequency, time gate or step out) can
be inspected in a movie-style way, to quickly find the
optimal settings for your data
Heavy processing of large volumes can be carried out in
batch mode on multiple machines and on multiple platforms
that can be accessed through the network
Interpreters can share surveys
The updated horizon tracker has more user-friendly editing
capabilities and is more robust due to the new step-wise
tracker functionality
Fault planes and fault-sticks sets
The synthetic to seismic well-tie module enables the
interpreter to tie wells to seismic
Synthetic seismogram
Check-shot correction
Additional stretch and squeeze
Updated depth/time model
Statistical wavelet extraction
Deterministic wavelet extraction
Use an existing velocity model, or create one with the new
Volume Builder
Supports: on-the-fly TD conversion of display elements and
batch processing of volumes
Insert an iso-surface in a volume rendered cube and save it
as a geobody
Manually draw 3D bodies
OpendTect has a generic user interface to Madagascar, the
open-source software package for geophysical data
processing and reproducible numerical experiments
Via the link to the open-source GMT package you can create
within the OpendTect UI scaled maps of OpendTect results
A multiple removal tool through prediction error filtering
Auto-loaded in OpendTect base. (Sponsored by Addax)
The Horizon attribute allows surface (horizon) data to be
combined with cube data for calculations. Auto-loaded in
OpendTect base
Annotate seismic data with text-boxes, hyperlinks
(lap-out) arrows, and images. Auto-loaded in OpendTect
base. (Developed as part of OpendTect SSIS; sponsored by
Shell, BG-group, Statoil, TNO)
Trace cross-equalization functionality that is used to
correct small misalignments in 3D seismic volumes prior to
further analysis. It is typically used to align time-lapse
seismic data, multi-azimuth stacks or angle stacks
(Residual NMO correction). Auto-loaded in OpendTect base
1) Unpack and install
2) Place keyfile in program/game directory
3) Enjoy this release!
missing 1 feature ( dTectSIM ) in license
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