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Download K Disk Cleaner

K DISK CLEANER - A program to free up disk space, speed up file
browsing. The application itself is focusing on speed and reliability
- so you do not have to wait an hour to make a few megabytes of space.
Within five minutes you free space on your hard disk and remove
unnecessary empty directories, broken shortcuts, etc.
If you have Windows Vista / 7 and have tried other disk cleaning
software you probably had experienced very long scan time for your
system drive. This is because these programs did not know about one
very important aspect of Windows Vista / 7 which slows down the
process DRAMATICALLY. K Disk Cleaner uses an special work around for
this and the scan of system drive with it finishes lighting fast. And
about the speed ..
The application is focused on speed - it is FAST. It was developed
with responsive and fast user interface AND FAST scanning and deleting
a Background option which allows you to continue you work, while it is
working:). YOU won't experience space shortage anymore! No slow
scanning and incredibly slow deleting - not for you! YOU can get rid
of all these obsolete and junk files with maximal speed and minimal