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Download Microsoft AutoRoute GERMAN-KOPiE

Streets & Trips is now better than ever! The new version includes
software for 2010 with updated maps, a new user interface and
easy-to-use tools for planning the perfect trip. No matter whether you
run errands or planning a trip: Microsoft Streets & Trips can help
with user-friendly tools and customizable options for travel planning,
so you always get to your destination. Includes maps of 37 European
IMPROVED – Contains more than a million of useful information on
post offices, pharmacies, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and more.
- IMPROVED – Now provides over 300 unique selection Pinbilder
- IMPROVED – Select the desired street by simply moving the route
using “drag & drop”.
- IMPROVED – Includes more than 5 million km road and motorway
throughout Europe.
- NEW – Find more places with Virtual Earth
1) unpack
2) burn / mount
3) install