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Download Spreadsheet Tools LockXLS 4.6.15

LOCKXLS adds copy protection features to your Excel workbook. It
makes formulas and VBA code unavailable to your customers, adds
various registration options - generates hardware based Computer Code,
creates Activation Code to unlock the workbook on your customer's PC,
customizes the messages shown to customers during registration. The
locked workbook may have a trial period and a splash screen. Also it
will be converted to an application, which runs on Excel but has no
other external dependencies making it easy to distribute.
You can apply different protection options to your Excel documents:
Hardware based Activation Code (the workbook is locked to a specific
PC). More ...
As an alternative to locking the workbook to a specific PC, an
Activation Code may be bound to a USB flash drive. This flexible way
allows your customer to use activated software on the any PC he need.
Serial Number, Trial period, Password
Protect without activation
You can create rental files using LockXLS. The hardware based
Activation Code will unlock the spreadsheet only for a specified
period of time.
You may limit an evaluation by the number of openings of a protected
Workbook can be compiled to executable file, which doesn't have
external dependencies. It doesn't require any additional libraries to
be installed on the customer's PC.
Formulas and VBA code are unavailable to user. Customer will not be
able to view and analyze the logic of your workbook.
Formulas and VBA code are inaccessible through COM Object Model.
User cannot write a VBA code to retrieve your formulas or macros.
Locked workbook has End User License Agreement, Splash Image,
Registration Reminder, Custom Help file, About Box.
Customize the activation messages shown when the user opens a locked
Data on hidden sheets cannot be accessed from an external
There are no limitations to the workbooks, which can be protected.
All features of Microsoft Excel are supported by LockXLS.