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Download Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield

Tactical Shooter
Size : 1.36 Gb
Since its debut in 1998, the Rainbow Six series has been an
outstanding example of how exciting sophisticated tactical shooters
can be, thanks to its challenging "one-shot kill" gameplay and complex
mission planning. And even though the tactical shooter subgenre has
become even better thanks to great games like SWAT 3 and Operation
Flashpoint, fans still eagerly look to each new Rainbow Six
installment to see what the series has in store next. While Rainbow
Six 3: Raven Shield does little to push the tactical shooter genre
forward, it's still an exciting entry in the series.
Just like the previous Rainbow Six games, Raven Shield lets you lead
a group of elite international counterterrorists known as Rainbow.
These guys are equipped with high-tech gear and high-powered firearms
and are itching for an opportunity to shout, "Tango down!" In Raven
Shield, you'll help the Rainbow operatives on a mission with a rather
forgettable plot that involves a James Bond-style madman and Nazi loot
from World War II. In fact, as you play the rather short single-player
campaign, you'll find that storytelling isn't one of Raven Shield's
strong suits. You'll receive clear text and audio mission briefings
and see a few well-directed but brief cutscenes, but these sequences
don't quite create a strong sense of drama or immersion. Rather, the
storytelling feels like merely a flimsy framework to hang the tactical
combat on.
Also, the mission goals sometimes tend to blur together into a
repetitive string of "Kill the terrorists and rescue the hostages."
This sometimes makes the Rainbow team seem like a regular SWAT team
instead of a truly elite international organization. And unlike the
classic SWAT 3, Raven Shield rarely creates any real emotional
connection with the hostages. In many cases, they'll essentially be a
mission goal, similar to the hostages in the extremely popular
Counter-Strike--you won't even see them until the very end of a
Still, whatever their flaws, Raven Shield's missions provide lots of
intense tactical action. Each map is filled with lots of cover and
sniping spots, as well as a seemingly endless number of places where
you could be ambushed or caught in a brutal crossfire. In the first
mission, for instance, you make your way through a Venezuelan oil
refinery at night, creeping around railroad cars outside and then
wending your way through a maze of heavy machinery and catwalks
inside. Later, you'll shoot your way through an airport in the Cayman
Islands, battle in the streets of Brazil, and cleanse a London bank of
terrorists. Overall, the missions provide really diverse and
interesting settings, though a few missions reuse the same maps,
merely changing the basic goals or switching from daylight to a night
With so much happening tactically in each mission, preparation and
planning are vital. After a mission briefing, you select up to eight
operatives to take part in the coming mission. You'll get to fill out
up to three sub-teams, choosing from specialists in assault, sniping,
demolition, and so forth. Each operative is also rated in observation,
leadership, and other general skills, and these stats will rise over
the course of the game, particularly if an operative takes part in and
survives a mission.
After you've chosen your team, you get to equip your operatives
individually. Real-world weapon buffs will love this part of Raven
Shield, as the game's extensive arsenal includes assault rifles,
shotguns, sniper rifles, and more. Experimenting with all the
different weapon capabilities, ammo types, and optional attachments is
almost like a minigame in itself. Along with the firearms, you can
equip your troops with breaching charges, flash-bang grenades,
tear-gas grenades, and other special weapons and tools. In addition,
you can choose from a wide variety of different uniform camouflage
schemes and body armor types.
1- Extract Rar File
2- Mount ISO file with DAEMON Tools (Or whatever)
3- Click "Setup.exe" to Instal the Game
4- Copy "RavenShield.exe" From Crack Folder to the Folder Game
5- Play )
- OS : Windows 98/2000/WinXP
- Processor : CPU 800 MHz Pentium III, AMD Athlore , or higher
- Memory : 128 MB RAM (XP users : 256 MB RAM required)
- Graphics : 32 MB DirectX 8.1 compliant 3D video card with hardware
- DirectX Version : DirectX 8.1 or higher (DX9 included)
- Sound : DirectX 8.1 compliant sound card
- Hard Drive : 3 GB Minimum hard drive space
- OS : Windows 98/2000/WinXP
- Processor : CPU 1.3 GHz Pentium 4, AMD Athlon, or higher
- Memory : 256 MB RAM (XP users : 512 MB RAM required)
- Graphics : 128 MB DirectX 8.1 compliant 3D video card with
hardware T&L
- DirectX Version : DirectX 8.1 or higher (DX9 included)
- Sound : DirectX 8.1 compliant sound card
- Hard Drive : 3 GB Minimum hard drive space
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