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Download Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro 2.2.3

� Control Canon DSLR Cameras From A PC
� Display Live Images On The PC Screen
� Auto Focus And Manually Control Focus From A PC
� Photobooth Mode: Automatically Take A Sequence Of Photos And
Print Them Out - Ideal For Parties And Corportate Events
� See Large High Quality Previews Of Shots On Your PC Within
� Enable Customers To View Pictures While You Continue Shooting
� Increase Control For Time Lapse Photography
� Preview Images In Black And White Or Color
� Automatically Bracket Up To 15 Shots By Varying The Shutter
Speed Or Aperture
� Store Images Directly Onto The Hard Disk Of A PC Ready For
Onward Transmission
� Flashing Highlights To Indicate Over-Exposed Areas
� Grid Overlay And Crop Marks To Assist Accurate Alignment
� Black And White
� Focus Point Overlay
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