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Download SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

: Real-Time Strategy
Size : 1.32 Gb
Real-time strategy games let you harvest resources, build a base of
operations, and commission an army to flatten your enemies as quickly
as possible. Role-playing games let you play as a character who
gradually gains power by attaining fabulous treasures and powers,
while also earning experience levels from adventuring. Real-time
strategy games have attempted to use more and more role-playing
elements recently, and Encore and Phenomic's SpellForce: The Order of
Dawn is the latest example of this trend. This colorful strategy game
lets you play as a warrior or wizard in a fantasy world while leading
an army of elves, dwarves, orcs, and trolls to victory against a
powerful foe. It may have a familiar-seeming premise, and it may have
a few noticeable shortcomings, but SpellForce's unique combination of
role-playing and strategy elements makes it worth a look for fans of
either kind of game.
SpellForce lets you start out by creating a character who acts as a
powerful military unit in the game. You can choose to be a male or
female character that specializes in various types of melee combat,
ranged combat with bows, or one of a few different schools of magic.
As you complete your adventures and defeat enemies, your character may
attain new levels of expertise in these fields, in addition to
acquiring new weapons, armor, and magic spells. The game's character
advancement is paced well enough to let you create either a focused
specialist character or a well-rounded generalist character. And like
with any good role-playing game, you may find yourself fighting just
one more battle to accomplish just one more goal. You may be trying to
gain a level and some new abilities; you may be trying to save up
enough coin to purchase a new spell or item from a merchant in a town
area; you may be trying to explore the wilderness for hidden treasure
chests full of loot; or you may be trying to finish up one of many
side quests you'll receive in each level.
The real-time strategy portion of SpellForce is just as intriguing
as its role-playing elements, even if it doesn't work quite as well.
In the single-player campaign, your character will explore huge
overland maps, hack through enemies, and eventually set up a base of
operations, complete with worker units that build structures and
troops that can be added to your armies. However, while most real-time
strategy games require you to research upgrades by spending some
resources--and then sitting and waiting--SpellForce's technology
upgrades appear as rune items that your character can add to his or
her inventory. Once these upgrades are equipped, your character will
always have these new buildings and troops available for construction.
It then becomes a matter of simply gathering enough resources and
subsequently ordering your workers to erect the proper buildings.
SpellForce features six different playable races that you'll
eventually be able to recruit in the single-player game (and these
races are also available in multiplayer play), which ultimately lets
you mix and match your troops so that you can create interesting
battalions of healers, wizards, archers, and melee units with
different abilities. Multiplayer lets you choose from one of 10
prebuilt characters with various high-level specializations. You then
recruit multidimensional armies for competitive play in one of 12
maps. Multiplayer offers only head-to-head and team-based competition;
there are no other game modes. Also, your characters do not remain
persistent from game session to game session, like in the Warlords
Battlecry series, though they don't need to be leveled up de novo in
each game either, like in Warcraft III.
- A unique combination of genres, RPG and RTS;
- More than 100 special abilities and spells;
- Plenty of options for character development and its allies;
- Campaigns epic scope - more than 60 hours of gameplay;
- Large-scale battles 3D;
- Three playable races - any with extraordinary abilities;
- The team on foot, horseback, flying units, as well as huge titans;
- Joint Campaign on the Internet or local area network;
- Check yourself in the multiplayer up to 6 players or against the
1- Extract Rar File
2- Mount ISO file with DAEMON Tools (Or whatever)
3- Click "SpellForce-Setup.exe" to Instal the Game
4- Copy All Content "Bin" Folder to the Folder Game Directory
5- Use The Key Included for Activate the Game
6- Play )
* Os : Windows98/ME/2000/WinXP
* Processor : CPU Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz
* Memory : 256 MB Of RAM
* Graphic Card : 3D Graphic Card with 32 MB RAM (GeForce2 or better)
* DirectX� : DirectX 9.0c
* HDD : 2 GB Free Drive Space
* Os : Windows98/ME/2000/WinXP
* Processor : CPU Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz or higher
* Memory : 512 MB Of RAM
* Graphic Card : 3D Graphic Card with 128 MB RAM (GeForce4 Ti or
* DirectX� : DirectX 9.0c
* HDD : 2 GB Free Drive Space
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