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Download Loopmasters Axel Karakasis Techno Producer

Axel Karakasis has released music on Mb Elektronics, Pornographic,
Rhythm Convert, and Omega Audio Recordings, together with his partner
in crime for many years Spiros Kaloumenos. Axel continues to release
his music on some of the world?s top record labels, like Intec Records
(Carl Cox?s own imprint!) and Primate Recordings, while his tracks are
played by some of the best DJs around the globe. Axel has worked hard
to put together a fresh and exciting collection of Groove Based
exclusive Techno sounds and samples for producers looking for a new
sound to inject inspiration into their productions.
Axel's Techno Producer sample pack on Loopmasters famous Artist
Series weighs in at 660MB and includes 545 24Bit pristine samples, 200
Loops between 130 ? 133 Bpm, and 345 Single Sounds. There is also over
100 ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and
SFZ compatible Soft Samplers. There are also Apple Loops, Reason
Refill and Ableton Live versions available.
In detail producers can expect to find 61 Cone Hugging Bass Loops,
80 Inspirational Techno Drum Loops, 60 Searing Synth Patterns, 200 Pre
EQ?d Single Drum Samples, 49 Dancefloor FX Samples, 36 Solid Bass
Tones and 50 Synth Stabs, all made to exacting specifications.
If you are a fan of Axels productions, or are looking for a new
palette of sounds and samples to use in your music, make sure you
check out Axel Karakasis Techno Producer from Loopmasters today and
sample the sounds this exceptional producer has made for this
exclusive sample pack.
24 Bit Quality
61 Bass Loops
80 Drum Loops
60 Synth Loops
200Drum Hits
49 Fx Shots
36 Bass Hits
50 Synth stabs
102 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz
HOMEPAGE: www.loopmasters.com