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Download Alibre Design Expert 2011.13.0

About Alibre
Alibre Inc. offers the industry's most affordable complete
engineering solutions. Founded in 1997, Alibre Inc. is led by
visionaries who sought to change the landscape of 3D mechanical
CAD/CAM software by providing full parametric CAD technology to anyone
that needs it, versus only to those in the relatively unique financial
position to afford traditional CAD systems.
The CAD industry is unique in that the many products which make it
up together represent one of the most significant advancements in the
history of design. The technology makes the lives of everyone better
by allowing safer, highly advanced, and substantially ambitious
products to come into existence. The industry is not unique in the
fact that over time the price for the technology has come down.
Beginning with ComputerVision in the 70's, the price for the
technology started at around $1,000,000. Catia in the 80's realized a
$100,000 price tag. Pro/E at the end of the 80's saw a $20,000 price
tag. Solidworks continues the trend in the 90's with $5000 per seat
costs. And Alibre comes in to deliver the same technology starting at
$199. The era of exclusivity for advanced design software is over.
Based in Richardson, Texas, USA, Alibre delivers affordable design
solutions to tens of thousands of businesses and individuals in over
50 countries and in over 15 languages.
Core Functionality Alibre Design Expert:
- 3D Model Creation
Get the idea to working prototype fast. Alibre Design offers a rich
set of 3D modeling tools for the fast creation of complex geometry.
Bottom-up and top-down design allows you to work efficiently.
Everything you make is instantly editable, allowing for fast
- Surfacing Tools
Alibre Design Expert comes with Moment of Inspiration (MoI).
Incredibly powerful and easy to use, MoI offers surfacing and rapid
concept development capabilities so you can create more ergonomic,
consumer friendly products.
- Sheet Metal Modeling
If your design calls for sheet metal Alibre Design offers advanced
modeling tools that make it easy. Flanges, closed corners, complex
lofts, dimples, and many other tools combined with instant flat
patterns get accurate and fast results.
- Advanced Sheet Metal Modeling
Advanced sheet metal tools include: Conversion of normal or imported
parts into unfoldable sheet metal parts, lofted flange creation, and
contour flange creation. These tools fundamentally change sheet metal
workflows, providing superior speed to the design process.
- 2D Documentation Creation
Turn any 3D model into a 2D drawing instantly. Comprehensive
detailing tools make efficient work of fully conveying your intent.
When you update your 3D model, all associated drawings update,
including annontations, views, section views, etc.
- Design Configurations
If you work with parts that have variations on the same basic design
then you need design configurations. Create variations of parts or
assemblies and keep them in a single file. Simply choose which
configuration you want to use at any point.
- Direct Editing Toolset
A toolset dedicated to working with geometry when feature history is
not available. Easily change the sizes of holes, or move entire parts
of the model around without editing a single feature. Perfect for
working with imported parts or making last minute changes.
More info: www.alibre.comp
Name: Alibre Design Expert 2011
Creator: www.alibre.com
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 126.6 mb & 159.0 mb