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Download Pistonsoft Skype Recorder

WITH SO MANY IMPORTANT CALLS being made through Skype these days,
the ability to save conversations to your computer appears absolutely
essential. Discussions of design or engineering concepts, opinions
voiced during multi-user conference calls, project-related agreements,
terms and a whole lot of other topics and things often expressed in
voice should better be saved to a reliable archive, so that you can
always find the necessary file and use it in an argument.
Unfortunately, Skype does not support voice recording "out of the
box" and there are no plans to implement this feature in any form in
the nearest feature. And that's exactly where Skype Recorder comes
into play!
Unlike its competitors, Pistonsoft Skype Recorder allows you to
record Skype calls and save recorded conversations both locally and in
your Google Mail account . In both cases, audio logs are saved as
compact high-quality MP3 files. When saving conversations to your
Gmail account, the program labels them as "Skype History", so you can
quickly select these messages from the entire message archive.