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Download NickWare HyperCore

The program installs a driver that allows you to configure the
processor and the computer hardware, thus optimizing the PC. There are
also registry settings, which also increases the speed of the OS.
NickWare HyperCore has a friendly interface.
07/30/2011 were received test results NickWare HyperCore antivirus
companies (Symantec Norton, Kaspersky Lab, Avast) for viruses and
Trojans. The audit showed that HyperCore is free of malware.
In the free version you can only use one mode "Normal". When you
install any of any other mode (which is possible only in PRO version)
include functions automatically (except for mode "Expert). The number
of active functions for each mode except for mode" Expert ", you'll
see by clicking the" Status "at the top of the main windows on the
screen. in the "Expert" you have to manually include the necessary
functions you need (this is possible only in PRO version).
- Fixed critical bugs in the core program.
- Correct display of text in the "Tools" menu and "Help".
- General corrections to the program.
- Improved user interface.
Processor: Any
Video: Any
Memory: Minimum 32 Mb
Hard drive space: 50 Mb