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Download Linguatec Personal Translator v14.0 Professional

Translate text German company Linguatec. The company develops
translation systems and software for offices. Linguatec - a German
company engaged in the development of automatic translation, speech
recognition and voice engines.
7 languages translations: English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese,
German, Portuguese, French.
Translation of text and voice pronunciation.
The site's interface in 12 languages.
More than 60 translation business.
Automatic spell-checking.
The quality of translation in between.
The text block has a limit of 500 characters.
Personal Translator has led the field in automatic translations for
many years and thousands of private and professional users around the
world rely on its intelligent, advanced technology every day.
Including seven languages:
German - English, German - French, English - French, English -
Italian, English - Portuguese (BR), English - Spanish, English -
11 good reasons to choose Personal Translator 1914 Professional
Excellent translation quality:
Even complicated nested sentences and idioms pose no translation
problems for SmartAnalyse.
Automatic correction of spelling mistakes makes the translation much
Global communication:
Personal Translator 1914 Professional contains seven language pairs:
German - English
German - French
English - French
English - Italian
English - Portuguese (BR)
English - Spanish
English - Chinese
Intelligent context analysis:
Even words with several possible meanings, like coach (Bus /
Trainer) or Gericht (meal / court) are now translated correctly.
Huge dictionaries:
The dictionaries contain 3.8 million entries with explanatory sample
Individual adaptability:
Thanks to its translation memory, Personal Translator Professional
is able to "learn". Future translations are improved by continuous
Business English:
Another 25,000 text blocks are available for writing English
business letters.
High quality voice Output:
The integrated reader function sounds astoundingly natural and is
useful for proofreading or when in doubt about pronunciation.
High data security:
In contrast to the online translators, your locally installed
Personal Translator does not represent a security risk.
Great for saving time:
A study by the Fraunhofer Institute has found that using the
Personal Translator can help you save over 40% time.
Certified for Windows 7:
The certification for Windows 7 guarantees that the Personal
Translator meets standards that make it particularly user-friendly and
easy to use. Compatible with 32 and 64 bit processors.
System requirements:
Personal Translator 1914 Professional
Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista or Windows seven
Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher)
Pentium processor 1 GHz with 512 MB free RAM
1 GB free hard-disk space
Internet access for product activation
Office integration: Microsoft Office 2002 (XP), 2003 or 2007
Text-to-speech: Sound card
The functions of Personal Translator 1914 Professional in detail:
Your own personal translator
The Personal Translator 1914 Professional is an efficient business
tool that offers valuable assistance in challenging, regular
translation work.
Using it has never been so easy
Personal Translator 1914 Professional uses modern Windows 7
standards from Microsoft. This makes the interface very clear and
Equipped for anything
Personal Translator 1914 Professional has a complete separate word
processor. In addition, plug-ins enable a seamless integration of
translation functions in Microsoft � Office and Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
allowing you to conveniently translate in your familiar work
The SmartTranslation � technology
Personal Translator is a translation software that thinks for
itself. The intelligent SmartTranslation � technology guarantees
optimal translation results with minimum user effort. Personal
Translator 1914 Professional features SmartAnalyse �, SmartMemory
�, SmartCorrect � and SmartLookup �.
SmartAnalyse �: Whether straightforward or complex,
SmartAnalyse � is the clever application that allows the Personal
Translator to analyze and translate even complex structures like
nested sentences and long phrasing horrors correctly.
SmartCorrect �: More than just a spellchecker
With other programs, typos and spelling mistakes can easily slip
into documents, leading to translation complications. For example,
SmartCorrect � recognizes that "tretmnedous tpyig" actually means
"tremendous typing", and automatically corrects it before translation
takes place.
SmartLookup �: Instant vocabulary assistance
No more laborious leafing through thick heavy books. Looking up
vocabulary has never been easier. Simply place the cursor over a word,
and the SmartLookup � mouse over function immediately gives you the
definition in a small window.
SmartMemory �: edited sentence archive
Why translate the same sentence twice? The translation memory
function offers a practical database of all completed translations. If
you have the same sentence again, the saved final version of the
translation is used automatically: SmartMemory � is able to
recognize proper names, locations and dates, and excludes these from
the search terms when looking for a match, thus significantly
increasing the likelihood of finding a corresponding sentence. This
saves time and trouble! Data is also easily exchanged with TRADOS �
and other professional translation memory programs.
The new dictionaries: Simply huge!
Thousands of documents from a vast range of subject areas were
analyzed when compiling the new dictionaries for Personal Translator
14. This means you can now choose from 3.8 million dictionary entries,
a figure other programs simply cannot compare to. Always up to date:
Even new words like "Zickenkrieg" (cat fight) or "Twittern" (tweeting)
are included. Adding your own words to the dictionary couldn't be
Incl. 35,000 idioms
Figures of speech can seldom be translated literally. Adapting the
phrase "alle Hebel in Bewegung setzen" is no straightforward task, as
the word "lever" (the standard translation of "Hebel") has nothing to
do with its meaning ("doing everything possible"). However, PT 1914's
dictionaries feature a wide variety of common idioms and expressions,
ensuring the system recognizes them instantaneously.
Incl. Business English
The Personal Translator has a selection of 25,000 perfectly
formulated text blocks for all your English business letters and
e-mails. This translation memory is an ideal supplement to the
automatic translator and can be customized for your translation needs.
British or American?
The differences are subtle, but important. Your British business
partner may not appreciate being addressed in your best American
English. Therefore you can choose if the translation should use
British or American English.
Versatile aid
Personal Translator thinks for itself and automatically relieves you
of a large part of your work!
The software recognizes the language direction, automatically
selects the relevant field or subject and translates the entire text,
highlighting afterwards if and where any extra editing is necessary.
Now with Wikipedia
Direct connection to Wikipedia for looking up and researching
information that goes beyond the realm of translation.
Perfect dubbing
Listen to the pronunciation of particularly tricky words or entire
text passages. The pitch, tone and rhythm of the voice are amazingly
realistic, no matter which of the seven languages you choose!
Neural transfer handles words with several possible meanings
The Personal Translator combines rule-based translation technology
with intelligent neural transfer techniques (patent pending).
Your advantage: a clear improvement of translation capacity in the
event of ambiguous words, blurred expressions, proper names and
incomplete sentences. Considerably reducing the effort needed for
manual editing!
Translate large amounts of text
With its new batch translation function, Personal Translator works
discreetly in the background. In the meantime, you can tend to other
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