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Download MAGIX PhotoStory on CD and DVD 10 Deluxe 10.0.53

NEW! Now anyone can do 3D
MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD 10 Deluxe is the world's first
slideshow program to feature a complete 3D workflow, allowing users to
create 3D creations for a true at-the-movies experience.
3D is the most talked-about technology topic of the year and is sure
to set a groundbreaking trend for future entertainment media. Now you
can enjoy 3D in your own living room, even if you don't own any modern
special devices.
Handy: creating 3D slideshows is just as simple as working with 2D
footage. Thanks to the internal preview monitor, you can easily
determine the type of spatial display at any time.
NEW! 3D slideshows made from regular images
Don't have any 3D images?
Don't worry! With the new, special 3D Slideshow Maker styles it's
easy to enjoy your regular 2D images and video clips in three
dimensional space, complete with realistic spatial effects and
Or decorate your classic slideshows: you can choose from among 10
new 3D collages and over 100 different types of real 3D text. You can
also determine the spatial positioning of regular titles and text
animations simply by using the fader. This allows you to place
decorative elements "in front" of your photos in order to present them
in a special way.
NEW! Create real Stereo3D looks yourself
Want to create your own 3D images, but don't own a 3D camera?
Now you can create absolutely realistic 3D experiences with any
regular digital camera! All you need is two photos showing the same
motif that were shot with an offset equivalent to the distance between
the eyes. A series of moving snapshots that were shot immediately one
after another (e.g. from cars, trains or planes) are just as suitable.
The program then combines the single pictures into a real 3D photo,
creating a realistic impression of depth, which can be reduced or
increased according to your needs.
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