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Download Undelete Plus

The UndeletePlus application was designed to be a small utility that
scans your hard drive for all files that can be undeleted and attempt
to salvage the file for you. Sounds like magic? It isn't. You might
not know it, but when you tell Windows to erase a file, Windows
essentially does something like say "okay, I am now going to consider
this file null and void, and will allow other data writing operations
to use the space that it occupies". In other words, no actual
'erasing' of the file occurs until Windows has a need to write over
the hard drive space where that the file resides. UndeletePlus and
programs like it do a thorough scan for files that are 'still there'
on the hard drive and/or files that have enough data remaining that
they can be salvaged.
eSupport UndeletePlus is a quick and effective way to restore
accidentally deleted files. It can also recover files that have been
emptied from the Recycle Bin, permanently deleted files within Windows
using the Shift + Delete shortcut, and files that have been deleted
from within a Command Prompt. One of eSupport UndeletePlus strengths
is the ability to restore files that had been deleted from a flash
memory drive. eSupport UndeletePlus can recover your precious vacation
pictures from your camera�s memory card and restore the business
presentation that was lost from your USB thumb drive.
Of course, the sooner you attempt to recover the file the better
your chances. Also, smaller size files have a higher chance of being
salvaged, and disks that have not been defragmented are better
candidates for file recovery.
UndeletePlus is a quick and effective way to retrieve deleted files,
files removed from the Recycle Bin, in a DOS window, from Windows
Explorer with the SHIFT key held down. UndeletePlus with its clean and
simple interface, is a small, fast, useful, practical and powerful.
There's nothing quite like losing an important file you spent hours
working on. But, just because you deleted it doesn't mean it's gone
for good. You can use software to recover files that have been
deleted. It isn't always foolproof. But many times you'll have some
The program supports all Windows file systems for hard and floppy
drives including FAT12/16/32, NTFS/NTFS5 and image recovery from
CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and Secure Digital cards.
Here are some key features of "Undelete Plus":
� After scanning your hard drive, UndeletePlus creates file-type
icons in the left margin of the screen that allow you to easily filter
by file type
� UndeletePlus will create folder view for the deleted files.
� UndeletePlus will also allow filtering by size, date modified,
and parts of the file name
� UndeletePlus is a small, fast, useful, practical, and powerful.