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Download n-Track Studio 6.1.2

N-TRACK STUDIO - a full-featured multitrack audiostudiya, allowing
you to create your own professional-quality musical compositions.
n-Track Studio works with most formats, allows you to impose all sorts
of effects on each track with listening in real time, working with
channels, correct synchronization, etc. In addition to these standard
effects like Reverb, Compression, EQ, Echo, Auto volume, Pitch Shift
and Chorus, n-Track Studio allows you to use DirectX and VST 2.0
plug-ins from third-party developers.
� All popular audio formats to WAV files, except for 8-bit, and
Ogg Vorbis
� MIDI (including the editor)
� Supports DX / DXi / VST / VSTi plugins
� Editing with cut and paste
� ASIO, WDM, and MME audio interfaces
� Robust set of built-in effects (compressor, MB-compressor,
parametric EQ, reverb, auto-vol, pitch shift, echo, chorus, and tempo
� Direct Mode prolushivaniya effects while recording
� Support multiple sound cards
� Sound mixing
� Automate volume, pan, AUX sends and returns, and plugin FX
� ReWire technology by Propellerhead
Realtime crossfade between parts overlapped in timeline, crossfade
option in timeline popup menu
RMS Level meters, with RMS+Peak option and support for K-System
Allows for more accurate metering of audio loudness and enables
monitoring using Bob Katz K-System, with presets for K-12, K-14 and
Signal Path View window
(Shows a realtime representation of the routing of audio signals in
the audio engine, enables to intuitively alter signal routing
parameters and connections)
Support for Wave64 file format (Support for wave files that have
length that exceeds the 2 Gb limitation of regular .wav files, using
either .wav or .w64 extensions)
The program no longer requires Microsft .NET to be installed and the
'Enable Microsoft .Net' setting in Preferences/Option can be disabled
so that n-Track will not use .NET even if it is installed on the
Reduced resources usage: n-Track 6.0 starts faster than v5.x, uses
less memory and CPU
Performance improvements in recording/playback at low latencies
Speedup of most destructive wave editing operations (copy, cut,
silence, insert etc.)
Speedup generation of npk files used for displaying waveforms
Speedup in adding/removing tracks when using a multichannel
soundcard and Live input processing on
Duplicate waveform dragging while holding down Windows key
Per part volume knob in part properties box (that appears double
clicking on waveform). Volume adjustment is visually to waveform
Dragging a waveform beyond the end loops the wave file
Angled edges of waveform frame, more angled when waveform end is
open or looped
Volume Envelopes: "Click adds node" toggle option to avoid
inadvertedly adding envelope nodes. When "Click adds node" is disabled
"Add node" must be selected from popup menu
Volume Envelopes: when "Click adds node" is disabled mouse drags
envelope segments
Volume Envelopes: set selected node to Maximum, Center, Minimum
context menu commands
Volume Envelopes: text entering of selected node value
When skin doesn't contain a button in multiple-buttons image files
(e.g. ntrck4.bmp) program reverts missing button to default button in
default skin image file
Color of track name text in left track bar customizable via Skin
dialog box
Mixer Sliders customization based on slider type: "Track_Audio",
"Track_MIDI", "Master", "Aux", "Group", "Instrument", "ReWire",
"Surround_Output" with "SendVolume" for send sliders
(e.g. Slider0Track_AudioSendVolume.png, Slider0MasterDown.png,
SliderHover0Track_MIDI.png, SliderDown0Instrument.png)
Track EQ window Minimize-Maximize button in place of "Show All EQ
Controls" popup menu command
Removed odd 'Create also an [Mp3/Wma/Ogg] version in Mixdown dialog
box and moved output format selection in Save As file selection dialog
Toolbar button to toggle the 'Song Comments' window
"Open Containing Folder" option in audio file right click context
Wave file sizes are now expressed in Gb, Mb or Kb depending on size
instead of always Kb
Multiple external wave editors can be defined in the
Settings/Prefrences/Paths dialog box
Transport buttons (Play, Rec etc.) can now have custom width defined
in Skin.xml