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Download ELive Livecd LiveUSB

ELive Livecd / LiveUSB - Linux distribution to work directly from
CD / USB 2.0
VERSION: 2.0 Topaz kernel update 002
TYPE: iso
LANGUAGE: English / Russian
LICENSE: Freeware
SIZE: 715 Mb
ELive- a full-fledged operating system, built on the Linux kernel,
based onDebian. Elive uses Enlightenment instead of GNOME or KDE. One
of themost convenient Live-systems based on Linux, the maximum
funtsionalawith minimal requirements.
System requirements:
Minimum system requirements for running Elive:
100 MHz CPU
64 MB of RAM
2,5 GB of disk space (full installation and a section under the
VGA graphics card with a resolution of 640480
In the Archive file added unetbootin-elive-windows-300.exe -
allowing in 2 clicks to make a bootable USB-drive.
Go on here for several reasons:
1) One of the most liked Live distributions.
version (kernel update 002)
MD-5: 802C13536C0229025EA5E33AB9DE90A2
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