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Download FNProgramvare CATraxx 9.20.01

* Enjoy a fully organized music collection.
* Play your music – easily find songs to play.
* Automatically manage your audio files.
* Always know exactly where your music is located.
* No more will you end up buying duplicates.
* Keep track of who borrowed what – never lose a CD again.
* Keep accurate insurance records.
* No need to use two separate programs to manage both your CD
collection and your audio files. With CATraxx you can catalog all
media types, including CDs, LPs, cassettes, mini discs, and audio
database – no typing.
* Scan your hard drive for audio files (MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC and
more) and automatically add them to your database – no typing.
* Powerful explorer module that allows you to search and browse your
database in a familiar browser interface.
* Multiple customizable data views allowing you to easily locate and
edit data.
* Multiple databases: Create as many separate databases as you like.
Transfer information between databases.
* Store information about an (almost) unlimited number of albums, as
well as the individual tracks on each album.
* Comprehensive set of data fields enabling you to catalog a wide
range of information: artist, album title, media format, release year,
label, catalog number, purchase price, current value, music genre,
playing time, song titles, songwriters, producers, recording studios,
musicians and instruments.
* More than 70 custom data fields (in case we have missed
* Multiple artists: Register multiple artists on both albums and
tracks – including customizable artist roles (“feat.”,
“vs.”, “with”, etc).
* Save time by using lookup tables: Register information such as
artist, songwriter, musician, label and group lineup only once. The
use of lookup tables will ensure that data is not duplicated.
* Store album covers, as well as pictures of artists.
* Add song lyrics (fully searchable) for individual tracks.
* Store artist profiles, biographies and reviews.
* Add personal notes for albums and individual tracks, as well as
* Rate your music: Assign your own personal rating to albums and
individual tracks, as well as artists. Let the audio player
automatically select your favorite music!
* The auto-complete feature makes data entry a breeze! Start typing
and CATraxx will automatically complete the text based on data in the
relevant lookup table.
* Text formatting: All memo fields (Notes, Reviews, Lyrics, etc.)
support text formatting (different fonts, font sizes, font styles,
colors, bullet lists and tables). You can also insert images and
* Add links to external files (this could be Word documents, HTML
files, video files, etc.) from albums, tracks or artists.
* Add links to web sites from albums, tracks or artists.
* Password protect your database so only you can log in. Create a
guest account: A guest will not be able to add, edit or delete any
information in the database.
* Play music: CATraxx has its own audio player closely tied to the
database that will keep a detailed log of all the music you play.
* Built-in support for 11 audio file formats: aac, ape, flac, mp3,
mp4, m4b, mpc, ogg, shn, wav and wma.
* Create playlists by either manually selecting tracks, or let
CATraxx pick the songs based on your criteria.
* Surprise: Let the CATraxx Audio Player pick albums or songs at
random – this is fun!
* Auto-organize your audio files into a folder structure and
filename format of your choice based on information in the database
(artist, album title, track index, song title, etc.). Let CATraxx do
all the hard work!
* Tagging: Let CATraxx automatically update audio file tags as you
edit data in your database, or tell CATraxx to update the tags at a
specific time.
* Easily attach ripped audio files to albums already in the
* Adapt the program to your own needs: Change the data field names
to suit your personal preferences. Hide data fields you don't need.
Set default field values.
* Set up your own media formats and genres.
* Use the Form Designer to redesign the field layout in all data
entry windows.
* Customize the browse lists: Create multiple list layouts and
quickly switch between them, add columns and set column properties
(font, font style, color, alignment, etc).
* Customize the explorer layout by editing the xsl template files.
* Set up your own customized data views (a combination of list
layout, sort order, filter and grouping).
* Find information quickly: Search in all fields with any
combination of key words and operators. Save your most frequently used
searches and filters.
* Search for a specific word or number and replace it with another.
* Sort data by any field with up to five sort levels.
* Display data in folders grouped by any field.
* Quickly print lists of your albums and tracks.
* Create your own reports with exactly the layout you want, or use
one of the more than 100 pre-defined reports. You have full control of
data fields, groups, sort order, columns, fonts, colors, paper size,
margins and print orientation.
* Preview reports on screen before printing. Save report output in
various file formats, including Adobe Acrobat, Excel, HTML, and RTF.
* Link to web sites from the Sites menu, an album, a track or an
artist record.
* Keep track of albums on loan. Check the program periodically to
see what is still out on loan. You will always know who has what and
since when. Track borrow date, due date and return date.
* Export a list of your CDs to the notes section on your iPod.
* Export data to HTML and publish your collection on the Internet.
* Export data to text files or XML to bring the information into
other applications.
* Analyze your collection in a variety of ways with the powerful
statistics module.
* Backup your valuable data either automatically or by request.
* Microsoft Access database format. Offers you an alternative way to
view and search your database.
* Comprehensive help system: Task based help, full keyword search,
and context sensitive help in all windows.